Want to grow your reselling business, but don’t know where to get clothes to sell on Poshmark and Depop?

Every season I go through my closet to see what I can sell, donate, or give to a friend. Since I started selling clothes on Poshmark and Depop, I’ve been able to 1) clear out my closet of clothes I wasn’t wearing, 2) make extra cash, and 3) give new life to items that were no longer getting any attention. When I first started selling clothes online, I began by posting clothes from my closet. I quickly realized that if I wanted to sell more, I needed more inventory.

Let’s explore where to get clothes to sell on Poshmark and Depop so you can grow your closet and start making more money reselling today. 

Where to get clothes to sell on Poshmark and Depop 

Sample Sales 

Sample sales are one of my favorite places to pick up stock because I know I will find quality garments at a discount price. Brands typically use sample sales to clear out inventory so that they can make room for next season. If you’re not sure where to find a sample sale, follow your favorite brands on Instagram. Check out the brand’s website to get familiar with the stock and do a price comp on Poshmark so you know roughly how much to spend and what it will sell for. 

Tips for navigating sample sales: 

  1. Arrive early. 
  2. Bring cash. 
  3. Be patient. 
  4. Many brands won’t let you try anything on, so it’s helpful to get familiar with the sizing beforehand. 

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Thrift Stores/Op Shops 

You either love thrifting, or you don’t. One of the best things about shopping for inventory at thrift stores is that the prices are usually low, so you can make a bigger profit reselling online. The key is knowing when to pass on an item and when you’ve hit the jackpot. This is when your sales report comes in handy. Know which brands are selling in your closet by reviewing the data. 

In the US, Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and your neighborhood thrift store are great places to start. 

In Australia, some Vinnies stores will let you fill up a bag of clothes for $6. ($5 if you bring a bag.) 

Tips for shopping at thrift stores. 

  1. Know your brands and do price comps on everything. 
  2. Look for quality over quantity. 
  3. Avoid overspending. Remember, you still have to list everything you purchased. 

Garage Sales | Yard Sales | Estate Sales

Use your bargaining skills to get the best bang for your buck. Start early, bring change, and be prepared to negotiate. Before you make a purchase, do a quick price comp on Poshmark and Depop to see how much similar items have sold for. Search for sales in your neighborhood or on Facebook groups. 

Department Stores – Nordstrom Rack 

One of the best ways to make more sales is to list new items constantly. The good thing about searching through the sales racks at department stores is that you usually have a certain time to return the item if you didn’t have any luck selling it. This process can be a lot of work because you have to make sure you don’t miss the return date. I used to purchase a lot of bikinis to sell in my closet because they didn’t take up much space, and I could sell them year-round. For many people, it doesn’t make much sense to add an extra trip to the store to return items that don’t sell, so it’s always a good idea to check price comps before making a purchase. 

Clothing Swaps 

Everyone has something in their closet they don’t wear anymore. If you’ve been selling online long enough, eventually, you’ll have items that you can’t wait to see gone forever. Host a clothing swap with your closest friends, and you could end up with something new for yourself and something to sell in your online closet. 

It’s a win-win for everyone who wants to clear out their closet. Pick up different sizes and items that you usually wouldn’t sell to add some variety to your online closet. You could end up flipping something faster than you usually would. 

Facebook Marketplace 

Join a selling group on Facebook or look for your favorite brands on Marketplace. Most of the people on Marketplace are motivated to sell, so you’ll likely get a good deal. Start by searching for items in your neighborhood and always use caution when meeting with a stranger. Bring cash and ask questions before you arrive at the location to pick up the item. 

I’ve had good luck selling items on Facebook Marketplace, and have even sold items within an hour of listing. 

Poshmark & Depop

When you’re making a purchase online, you don’t always know what you’re going to get and if it’s going to fit. Fortunately, you can relist the item and try to make your money back. I’ve been able to resell most of my “accidental purchases” and recoup what I spent, including the cost of shipping.  

Here are a few tips for making more sales on Poshmark: 

  1. Use the sales reports to see what’s selling in your closet. 
  2. Know your brands and sell quality pieces.
  3. Use the right keywords in the descriptions so people can find your closet.
  4. Connect your Instagram and Pinterest to your closet. 
  5. Offer discounts through the bundle feature. 

Find me on Poshmark @AlohaAlex and Depop @AlohaAlex.

How to Get Clothes to Sell on Poshmark

Tips for Sourcing Clothes to Sell Online

If you want to make more money on Poshmark or any online marketplace, start by adding more items to your online closet or store. Start with items from your closet, and when you’re ready to grow your business, search for quality items that are priced low so you can turn a profit. Avoid overbuying by checking comps before your purchases and inspect every piece before you checkout to make sure there are no holes, stains, or any damage. 

If you have any questions about where to find clothes to sell on Poshmark or Depop, or your favorite places to source that I should add to the list, send me a message. 

Find me on Poshmark @AlohaAlex and Depop @AlohaAlex.

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