Paintru Turns Your Travel Photos Into Works of Art

Turn your favorite travel photos into custom paintings with Paintru. Whether you want to decorate your home or want to display custom works of art that hold a special meaning to you, Paintru transforms your travel photos into beautiful custom art paintings. 

Travel photos give us a chance to revisit those special moments from a trip. 

Even if you don’t enjoy taking pictures, you probably snap a few photos when you’re on holiday. I currently have 12,000 images on my computer from destinations I’ve visited over the last three years. (How about you?) 

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Too Many Travel Photos? Turn them into Custom Paintings

What is Paintru?

Paintru makes it easy and affordable to turn the memorable moments you love into works of art.

How much does Paintru cost?

Paintru paintings cost between $185 to $655 and shipping is always free in the U.S. 

The idea was born when Liza Kameen’s husband, J.D., was trying to think of an original gift for their first wedding anniversary. 

“We took a trip to Paris before our wedding and had a bunch of photos that we took around the city and of the Seine River. We had always loved watercolor art but had a newfound love for the Impressionist style art that we saw at the Musée d’Orsay. He decided that he wanted to get one of the photos we took of the Seine painted in an Impressionist style,” says Liza.

The only problem was finding an artist to paint a custom image at a price that wouldn’t break their budget. He wanted reasonably priced quality art, so J.D. turned to Instagram to look for help. And he found an artist who could execute his vision.

How Instagram influenced the Paintru business 

Before the idea for Paintru was born, Liza started painting as a hobby. She started an Instagram account that featured watercolor art and shared other pieces by artists around the world on the account. The account grew and grew and became a community page for artists. 

When the idea for Paintru was born, they leveraged the watercolor account to connect with artists worldwide who specialized in mediums, including oil and watercolor. They also looked for artists who could execute perfectly painted landscapes, people, seascapes, pets – you name it! 

“We thought about how difficult the process was and saw a gap in the market. We spent over a year building our network of artists and launched Paintru as an eCommerce custom art platform so that others could easily find affordable custom art,” says Liza. 

With more than 480K followers as of January 2020, Instagram was vital to Paintru’s launch and continues to be for their growth. 

Custom paintings for your travel images

How Paintru works 

The concept is simple. Transform your travel photos into lasting memories in four easy steps. 

  1. Upload your favorite travel photo to Paintru. (You can use your computer or phone.)  
  2. Choose your medium. (Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Charcoal) 
  3. Select the size and framing options (Rolled Canvas, Framed, or Stretched) to display your beautiful travel images. 
  4. Add any notes for the artist. (For example, you can choose to remove people from an image.) 

I chose a picture from my New Zealand trip to remind me of the road trip my partner, and I took on the South Island. It was my favorite trip of 2019, and it took me less than five minutes to place my order.

About the founders 

Liza and J.D live in Encinitas and grew up next door to one another in Baltimore, MD. They enlisted the help of their friend, Eric Kettani, an artist and former NFL player for the Patriots, Chiefs, and Jaguars. Check out Eric’s abstract art collection. Both J.D and Eric are Naval Academy graduates. The company is based in Mentor, Ohio, where Eric lives. 

“J.D. and I have always had a relationship where we bounce new ideas, products, and concepts off of one another. We make a great team because J.D. is the visionary, and I am the realist. He’s the one that comes up with the ideas, and I’m the one that thinks through the market need, logistics, and brand,” Liza said. 

Paintru: Turning your travel photos into custom paintings

People love taking travel photos, and finding the perfect way to display them doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Whether you’re shopping for a gift to give for an anniversary or birthday or you want something to remind you of your travels, turning your photos into custom paintings will turn your images into lasting memories. 

“We have big ideas and goals for Paintru. We believe in the brand and know the value we can add continuing to break into new market segments,” Liza tells me. 

Need some inspiration for what to do with your travel photos or what type of painting to choose? 

Paintru has museum-quality impressionistic hand-painted paintings by classically trained artists. 

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