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West Side Story

West Side Story
debuted in San Diego this week, and I loved it! The singing,
the dancing, and the sets –just amazing. I’ve always been a
fan of musicals, last year I saw “In the Heights”–which
is spectacular! And as a kid, my mom took me to see “Little Shop of
Horrors” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”. I grew up in Oxnard,
CA and La Paz, Bolivia…. (that’s where most of my
family is from) and after Bolivia, we moved to
Missouri. Two words- Culture shock! In St. Charles, we
watched the movie in class, and I remember feeling a bit closer to
home. Besides my sister, I was the only Latina at the school
and I felt like I could identify with some of the characters who
spoke Spanish and had olive skin like mine. 🙂 P.S. This version has a lot more
Spanish in it. The show is here until the 9th. Click here for more info.

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