9 Creative Ways To Display Your Travel Photos

Searching for unique ideas to display your favorite travel photos?

From coffee table books to wall calendars, here are some beautiful and fun ways to share pictures from your family travels, solo adventures or couples getaways.

Travel photo Display Ideas

creative ways to display travel photos

1) Make a Travel Gallery Wall 

Wow your guests with a display of your best travel photos printed on your wall. Mix and match different sizes and mediums to create a travel gallery wall with your top travel snaps.

Select a theme like beaches, your favorite dive spots, or mountains you’ve climbed.

unique ideas to display photos from your travels

2) design a calendar

Why buy a generic calendar when you can make a beautiful travel wall calendar with your travel photos? It’s also a good reminder to plan a trip soon!

3) create a coffee table Book

Share your favorite memories in a photo book that will last forever. You can add custom details to make it your own or use a template.

4) Make a scrapbook

Save your airplane tickets and anything that reminds you of your trip and add it to a fun scrapbook to remember your best holidays. Write down the top things to do and where to eat so you can remember it for next time.

reclaimed materials to display photos

5) Use reclaimed materials to display your photos. 

Get creative and make a DIY driftwood frame. Glue small pieces of driftwood to a frame you already have. You can also use twine or rustic string to wrap around a rod or piece of driftwood and create a photo display to hang travel photos.

6) Design a Unique Gift  

Speaking of gifts, you can pretty much put your travel photos on anything, including mugs, magnets, puzzles, and ornaments. Make it your own by adding a picture of your favorite beach or sunset.

map to display photos

7) make a custom map

Design a custom map with photos of your top adventures. This is a great gift idea and one of our favorite creative travel photo display ideas.

creative ideas to display travel photos

8) save your travel photos in a journal

Whenever you get the travel bug, reach for your travel journal or keepsake box to remind you of your fondest travel memories. For some extra encouragement, add testimonials and kind words to your journal that you can look at when you need an extra confidence boost.

unique ways to display travel photos

9) Save the dates or holiday cards. 

Create one-of-a-kind greeting cards, stationery or holiday cards with your travel photos.


After you’ve posted your photos on the gram, and before you let them sit in your hard drive forever, print them so you can remember the journey and any funny stories that happened on your trip. 

What are favorite travel photo display ideas?

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