Bored at home? Looking for something to do? Here are ideas for productive things to do at home with friends, family, or alone when you’re bored to help you remain calm and manage stress during quarantine.

How to Stay Productive at Home

While many of us are at home and practicing social distancing, it takes time to get settled into new routines. If you’re going through an adjustment stage, you’re not alone. Instead of seeing this as time forced to be indoors, use this time to learn something new, pick up a new hobby or do fun things with your family.

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Now is a good time to slow down, unplug and learn something new.

  • Invest in yourself. Spend time learning something new online, listen to a podcast, read a book, or take a free online course. 
  • Connect. Call your grandparents, facetime with your mom, or catch up with friends who might need support. Right now, some of our friends can’t go to work, while others are struggling to find childcare since many schools are now closed for a few weeks. Checking in to say hi goes a long way. 
  • Get Creative. Paint, draw, embrace your creativity. 
  • Start a project. If you have a blog, update old blog posts, work on new content, and make new Pinterest graphics. 
  • Purge your closet. Give items you are no longer wearing to a friend who might get more use out of it, donate anything that’s not getting any love, or sell it on Poshmark or Depop for some extra cash. 
  • No gym? No problem! My boyfriend and I love the down dog app for yoga sessions at home. 

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Fun & Productive Things To Do at Home Alone

1. Spend time outside  

While we are technically supposed to practice social distancing and stay home, you can walk around the block in your neighborhood with your family, go for a bike ride with a friend or play with your kids in your backyard. It’s tough to stay inside all day, and we all need a little fresh air, especially the little ones. 

2. Exercise 

Take a deep breathe in and a deep breathe out. It wasn’t until a few days ago that gyms were required to close, and that means it’s time to get active by doing home workouts. Encourage your family members to join you, or find a buddy so you can hold each other accountable. 

  • Down Dog App 

I love down dog app because I can choose from a variety of different yoga classes, Barre and High-Intensity Interval Training workouts online. Each app offers various workout routines, and you can select the length of time for each exercise. Down Dog app has a free version, but you can upgrade for more options. Down Dog App also has a Barre and HIIT workouts that I love. 

  • Core Power Yoga 

If you want to switch things up, Core Power Yoga On Demand is another excellent resource library to keep up with your practice at home. They offer over a dozen free courses that range from 5 to 60 minutes. 

3. Pivot Your Business

Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or freelancer, now is the time to roll with the changes and continue pushing forward. Learn how to pivot your business and find new ways to serve your community. Engage with your audience, and don’t shy away from asking for support. We all could use a little extra love right now, especially small businesses. While it might not be the best time for you to be shopping, if you’re uncertain about your finances, it doesn’t cost anything to leave a kind review. Tag your favorite businesses on Instagram and let them know you still support them. It’s always nice to get a message like that. 

Learn to embrace change, and use this time to figure out the best way to do that. 


4. Engage with Your Community 

One of the most helpful things for me during this social distancing period is engaging with my community and checking in with friends and family on the phone or via video chat. I live in Australia, and my family lives in the US, and our trip to visit was canceled. My partner is away for work, and I’ve been social distancing at home alone. While I’m used to working from home, I’m still getting used to not being able to meet up with friends for lunch or coffee like we usually do. Over the last few days, I’ve spent more time on the phone chatting with friends and connecting with people I haven’t talked to in months, even years. Reach out to your friends, and check in to see how they’re doing! 

Things To Do When Alone At Home

vision board ideas

5. Start a Gratitude Journal 

Besides writing what you’re grateful for each day, write about how you are feeling and what you can do to overcome uncertainty. Meditation is an excellent way to focus on what’s going on internally. Create a vision board to visualize your goals. While we can’t control what’s happening around us, you can tune in to yourself to see what you might need. Listen to your body. Rest when you need to and jot down your feelings. 

Shop: Gratitude Journals + Notebooks


6. Productive Things to do at Home: Learn Something New 

Here’s a list of courses you can take right now, some of them are free for a limited time. 

Grow your Blog Traffic with Pinterest

I took the Pinterest with Ell Course, and once I started to implement the tools from the course, I saw a significant increase in my blog traffic. The course is easy to follow and packed with actionable tips. 

In the course, you’ll learn: 

  • how to start a Pinterest account and properly set it up to bring you the most reach possible
  • how to properly use Tailwind to your best advantage
  • Pinterest strategies that will bring you a higher click-through rate
  • how to make affiliate sales through Pinterest
  • what it takes to make your blog traffic grow & target the right audience!

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Pat Flynn’s Smart from Scratch – Free 

Smart From Scratch® is a hands-on, comprehensive course that enables you to develop a business idea, validate it, and determine if that idea is viable to pursue. Learn how to test whether or not there’s an audience for your business idea.

Yoast All-around SEO Training – Free

  • Master practical SEO skills for all aspects of SEO
  • Get practical tips to rank higher and get more readers or sell more online
  • Optimize both your technical setup and content to avoid costly mistakes

SEMRUSH ACADEMY – Keyword Research Course – Free 

Your entire SEO strategy grows from the foundation of solid keyword research. Learn how to grow your site using SEO. 

7. Start Freelancing 

Make some money while you pick up a new hobby. If you love working with kids, have a Bachelor’s Degree and some teaching or tutoring experience, you can teach English online to students through VIPKid and ItutorGroup. Send me a message if you have any questions about teaching. 

VIPKid – Teachers in the USA (except California) and Canada can apply. 

iTutorGroup – Teachers worldwide accepted.



Get paid to write, edit, or do any digital service on Fiverr. You can set up a payment for how much you want to get paid and once you optimize your profile, you’ll get an email when a client wants to work with you. 

Find work on Fiverr.

productive things to do at home when bored

Productive Things to do at Home if You’re a Blogger 

1. Revisit Your Content Strategy 

If you’re a travel blogger, you’ve undoubtedly seen a drop in traffic. If your niche isn’t getting the traffic it used to; it might be time to think of new topics to cover. While you want to stay true to your voice, and stick to your branding, talk to your audience and see how you can serve them better during this time. 

2. Update your old content 

This task can be very time consuming, but very rewarding when your posts start ranking on the first page of Google. Be productive at home and go back to posts that used to get a lot of traffic and freshen them up with new content. 

3. Batch Social Media Content 

If you’ve suddenly been given the gift of time, spend it wisely, and invest in yourself and your business. Free up some of your time, by batching social media content and using a scheduler like Planoly to post your IG content. 

4. Create New Pins 

Pinterest is a big driver for blog traffic. Review your analytics to see which pins are performing well and create new ones around those topics. Try Tailwind for a month for free and use it to schedule your pins. It does all the work for you, even while you sleep. 

5. Build Backlinks 

If you want to improve your SEO, then you know you have to work on getting backlinks. Start guest posting on blogs, or submitting content to sites like Thrive Global. Building backlinks should be part of your marketing and SEO strategy. Position yourself as an authority in your niche. 

6. Create Content for Affiliates 

I’ve noticed that several businesses have recently started to scale back on their affiliate programs due to COVID-19. Right now, many companies are trying to stay afloat, and need all the support they can get. Create content about the products you already love and share them with your community. Reach out to your favorite brands to see if they have an affiliate program you can join. 

Relationships with brands develop organically when you find a brand you love and can’t stop talking about. I love Australian made activewear, dk active so much, I reached out to them via email to say that I was a big fan! The sustainable and ethical line of tights, crops, tanks is made with high quality and environmentally responsible textiles. I love all the styles, colors and fit. Dk active is also manufactured in Brisbane, Australia and designed for everybody and every body. 

How to Support Small Businesses During Quarantine

  1. Offer support. If you know anyone who is currently out of work, reach out to check in and see how you can help. 
  2. Donate. Give what you can to friends, family, and non-profit organizations. If you’re planning on donating items instead of money, reach out to see what they might need before dropping off supplies.
  3. Show love. While you might not be able to visit certain places and shop at your favorite boutiques, feature them on your blog and social media channels. Let them know how much you miss them and that you can’t wait to visit when they reopen. 
  4. Order takeaway meals. Many restaurants and businesses are experiencing a drop in business. Support your favorite restaurants by ordering meals to eat at home. 
  5. Shop online. Businesses are doing what they can to stay afloat. Continue to shop online and support your favorite brands. 


Channel your emotions into a creative outlet. There is a lot of uncertainty right now, but there are plenty of productive things to do during quarantine at home to help you stay focused and productive. While it’s nice to veg out on the couch and watch Netflix all day, it’s important to get moving, breathe fresh air, and invest in yourself.

What productive things are you doing at home right now?


things to do during quarantine

This site contains affiliate links. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Thanks for your support!

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