Moving Abroad Checklist: How to Move to Another Country

You’ve taken a huge step in your life by deciding to move abroad. You’ve committed to living in another country for an extended period of time or maybe even for the rest of your life. That’s really exciting! Congrats. Use this Moving Abroad Checklist to learn how to pack up and move to another country.

Moving Abroad Checklist: How to prepare

This giant step will require serious planning and preparation in order to make this transition go off without a hitch. So we highly recommend paying attention to the recommendations and suggestions that we’re about to share with you today. By being prepared ahead of time, you won’t accidentally overlook crucial responsibilities that you have to take care of before leaving on your epic journey overseas.

Make Sure All Your Paperwork Is in Order

Life is filled with many ups and downs. You never know where it’s going to take you. But the one guarantee we all have is that our lives are going to be filled with tons of paperwork! It’s something you’ll never be able to avoid no matter where you happen to live in the world.

Nobody said moving abroad was going to be easy. You have to take care of so many different things so it’s easy to lose track of your most important responsibilities. Take paperwork as an example. Did you remember to renew your passport? If not, you’ll find it nearly impossible to get into your brand-new country. Don’t mess this up or you’ll be denied entrance to the place you’re about to call home!

Work Visa

Do you have a job lined up in your new home country? If your work visa is in order, your employer will have no choice but to deny you the job of your dreams. To prevent that from happening, make sure all the paperwork on your work visa has gotten straightened out before you enter the new place where you’ll rest your head.

Things to consider when you move overseas:

  • airline tickets
  • terminating the lease on your apartment
  • medical & dental records
  • shutting off your utilities and cable
  • health insurance

Letting your bank know about your big move.

When thinking about your checklist for moving abroad, it’s important to choose a card that won’t charge you international transaction fees or ATM fees when you take cash out in other countries. I use Charles Schwab.

If you’re paying for a tour or flight in another currency compare rates. Transferwise lets you send money or convert currency.

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What to bring to another country

Nobody likes to pack, ever! But it’s a necessary evil that we have to handle if we want to move to a new location. So you have to get your packing and international shipping in order before you hop on a flight to your host country.

Do you take any medication? It’s probably wise to stock up for now until you can find a decent replacement in your new home. Is your phone compatible in your new country? Have you defrosted your refrigerator and cleaned it out? Do you have all the packing materials you’ll need to pack your stuff?

At the end of the day, take the time to pack the essentials in your suitcase but try not to go overboard. Let the movers ship the majority of your stuff and only take what you’ll immediately need.

How to plan moving abroad

Now that you’re ready and your big day is approaching, it’s time to say goodbye to those closest to you. Make sure you spend time with your family members and friends to say your teary-eyed goodbyes. Visit your doctor for a quick checkup before moving and gather everybody’s contact details you’d like to stay in touch with after you move away.


You’ve just discovered the best ways to prepare when moving abroad. Use this moving abroad checklist to your advantage and this transitional period in your life should happen without experiencing too much turmoil.


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