Summer Vacation Packing List: Summer Travel Essentials

I love summer holidays at the beach or relaxing by the pool. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, honeymoon or a girls trip, here’s a summer vacation packing list to help you get ready for your 3, 7, 5 or 10-day trip. 


Summer Packing Checklist 

Packable sun hats for women

Sun Hat 

Any vacation that lands you in a sunny destination will surround you with summer heat, so it’s good to get some shade from a trendy sun hat. 


Sunglasses – A sun hat will give you some shade, but it’s equally as important to make sure you’re protecting your eyes, so don’t forget to wear sunglasses. 

Reef-Safe Sunscreen – Your skin is exposed to the dangers of the Sun’s UV rays when you’re out during the day. A reef-safe sunscreen will protect both your skin as well as the ocean. 

Bathing Suits – Most summer vacations end up on either the beach or around the pool, which means you’ll need plenty of bathing suits to change into. 

Rash Guards Women

Rash Guard

And to match your bathing suit? A rash guard, which will offer sun protection when surfing and swimming. 


Comfy Shoes – Flip flops are perfect for the beach or pool. Make sure you break in your hiking boots before your trip for outdoor activities. 

Packable rain jacket – While most of us anticipate sunshine and heat during summer vacation, there’s always a chance of showers, and you’ll be glad you packed a handy jacket. 

travel packing checklist For the Beach 

Beach Umbrella – While many of us remember to pack our clothes, it’s a good idea not to forget a beach umbrella, which will offer some relief from the sun. 

Aloe Vera – While it’s crucial to remember your sunscreen in the day, we all get sunburnt at some point, and aloe vera will help soothe that. 

Beach Tote – Of course, there’s no use in packing everything if you haven’t got a bag big enough to carry it all, so remember a spacious beach tote. 

Sand Free Beach Towel – Beach towels are great until they get full of sand, so pick up one that’s sand-resistant to keep things tidy. 

Snorkel mask and fins – Any adventures out to sea will require the correct equipment, which is why you shouldn’t forget a good snorkel, mask, and fins. 

Waterproof bag for phone – An alternative to an underwater camera is a waterproof bag for your phone, and it lets you use your phone while you’re out to see. 

Quick Dry Towel – After a day at the beach, it’s handy to have a towel that’ll dry quickly to stop it soaking everything else in your bag on the way home. 

Summer Vacation packing list: Traveling with Kids

summer vacation packing list

Beach Toys 

Lastly, what’s a beach trip without the toys for the kids? Don’t forget to pack some summer travel essentials like these fun beach toys the kids will love. 

Cooler for Snacks – Save money by packing snacks before you go! A good cooler is a must for traveling families. 

Beach Cart – Traveling to the beach with kids is very different from the same visit without them, and you’ll find a beach cart is a handy way to carry everything you need to and from the beach. 

Pop-up beach tent – For a little more protection than a beach umbrella, a pop-up beach tent will give you all some shelter to eat and relax in and get a break from the sun.  

Wet Dry Bag – Keeping wet and dry items separate is very handy, and this wet-dry bag will do it for you. 

Travel Gear 

Packing Cubes – Keep all your summer travel essentials organized in your suitcase with these handy packing cubes. Top Review: “Lots of storage.” 

Hand Sanitizer – Wet wipes are handy for spills or to wipe anything, including the airplane seat tray. 

First Aid Kit – Everything you might need in one handy kit. Pop it in your suitcase or travel bag for emergencies. 

Reusable Water Bottle – A water bottle is another essential item that’ll keep you hydrated during the day. Keep teas or soups warm, or add ice in your Hydro Flask to keep it cool. It’s also a great way to bring smoothies to the beach. 

travel camera

Underwater camera 

Looking back through photos in years to come will bring back so many memories, and an underwater camera will let you capture every single moment. 

Portable Charger – A dead phone is never a good situation, so avoid that problem by packing a compact portable phone charger. 

Portable Speaker – Another phone accessory worth investing in is a portable speaker, which will blast your tunes everywhere, from the beach to the hotel room. 

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