Pregnancy Journal Prompts: 35 Ideas For What To Write During Pregnancy

Journaling can be therapeutic and healing, and I enjoy having a place to share my thoughts, emotions and challenges. It’s also a great way to release any stress on your mind. Want to start a pregnancy journal, but not sure what to write?

Use these pregnancy journal prompts and ideas to capture your favorite moments and what you’ve learned during pregnancy.

When I first found out I was pregnant; I started writing in a pregnancy journal to keep track of all the big and little moments I was feeling in my first trimester. I wrote down symptoms I was experiencing so I could remember to tell my doctor and the exact moments when I felt our baby move around for the first time. 

While it started as a place to jot down notes and reminders, I eventually began writing letters for my son that we can look back at one day to remember all the memories leading up to his birth.

Write about what moves you, what you’re grateful for today, and what you’d like to focus on tomorrow. In this post, we’ll dive into: 

  • ideas for what to write – pregnancy prompts
  • how to create a writing routine 
  • types of journals 
  • pregnancy bullet journal prompts to fuel your inspiration and help you get over writer’s block. 

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Pregnancy Bullet Journal Prompts

Pregnancy Writing Prompts: Ideas for What to Write 

The Big Reveal – Every mother has a unique story about the moment they found out they were pregnant. Whether you were planning to have a baby, or it was totally unexpected, jot down how you found out, where you were, how you felt, and how you told your partner or plan to tell him. 

It’s your own space to share what you wish. A journal can also help release built-up emotions. 

Big Milestones – There are a lot of big moments during pregnancy. You may want to remember how you felt when your baby started moving around for the first time, how your partner or parents reacted to the big news and the moment you found out if you were having a boy or a girl. Save the dates in your pregnancy journal so you can relive those moments with your partner or child when they get older. 

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What I’ve learned – Use your pregnancy journal to write down what you’ve learned about yourself and what you’ll need as you prepare for your little one to arrive. 

Symptoms – It can be hard to remember important dates – period. A pregnancy journal can serve as a reminder for things you want to tell your doctor. Share dates of what you felt so you can bring your doctor up to speed the next time you see them. 

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Developing a Writing Routine

We all experience writer’s block and one point or another. For me, it usually creeps in when I have deadlines and articles to submit to clients. The best way around this is just to write. Even if it’s junk and you know you’re going to delete it later, JUST. START. WRITING. Eventually, you’ll hit a flow, and the words will start to pour out so fast, your fingers will hardly be able to catch up. 

Remember, you can always delete, edit, and rewrite if you need to. 

If writing isn’t your thing, share pictures and moments in a pregnancy memory book that make your heart feel full. Use color pencils, or stationary and let your creativity run wild. 

Create a routine for yourself and share your thoughts in your pregnancy journal as soon as you wake up or go to bed. Set a reminder on your phone to carve out time in your day. Keep a journal near your nightstand or in a cozy place in your home to get in the habit of writing. 


How to Start a Pregnancy Journal 

I love notebooks and journals, but for my pregnancy journal, I chose to use a Google Doc that I can access from anywhere. If you prefer to use a traditional notebook and pen, here are some beautiful journals to inspire you.  

Take some time to reflect on your week and your current state of mind.

Share your favorite moments in this gratitude journal to remember how lucky you are. 

Blossom Journal – You may feel more motivated to write if you love your journal. Here’s one with a lovely design that will make you smile. 

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Pregnancy Journal Prompts and Ideas 

  1. Today I feel grateful because _________ . 
  2. This happened today, _______, and it made me feel. 
  3. I want to remember this moment forever because _________. 
  4. I learned something new about myself today, and it made me feel _____. 
  5. We learned that _____ makes us feel _______. 
  6. I feel happy because ________. 
  7. Motherhood is ________. 
  8. I felt ______ during my first, second ultrasound. 
  9. I felt _______ when I first heard my baby’s heartbeat. 
  10. During week ___ of my pregnancy, I felt _______-. 
  11. This _______ made me feel ________. 
  12. Today was special because _________.
  13. I never knew this about pregnancy, ___. 
  14. Today I felt these symptoms: 
  15. I never knew I would feel ______ when I felt our baby move for the first time. 
  16. This moment was challenging because _______. 
  17. My body is changing, and it makes me feel _______. 
  18. I’ve been having cravings for ____. 
  19. I can no longer eat _____. 
  20. These things make me nauseous: 
  21. The first thing I bought for the baby was ________. 
  22. We told our family and friends we were having a baby on this date _______. 
  23. I was emotional today because _______.
  24. Today I felt moody because ________.
  25. This is what we’ve learned about what we’ll need for baby ______. 
  26. I felt sad today because ________. 
  27. Shortlist of baby names. 
  28. When we went to the baby store for the first time, we felt ______. 
  29. Our baby’s first gift was _______. 
  30. What I learned at my doctor’s appointment: 
  31. When I’m pregnant, I feel like doing ______.  
  32. I don’t feel like doing this ______ when I’m pregnant. 
  33. I felt ___ when I found out we were having a boy/girl. 
  34. When I see baby things, it makes me feel _____. 
  35. Being pregnant has inspired me to _____. 

My Pregnancy Journal 

Writing milestones and firsts in my pregnancy journal has been one of my favorite things to do during my first pregnancy. I can’t wait to look back at these entries and remember what I was feeling during the first, second, and third trimester. If you’re not sure what to write in your pregnancy journal, use these baby journal prompts and ideas for writing inspiration to document your motherhood journey.

What’s your favorite writing prompt? What inspires you to write? 

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