Minimalist Baby Registry Checklist – What You Really Need

Wondering what to add to your baby registry? Not sure what to buy for your little one? In this minimalist baby registry checklist guide, you’ll find items you’ll use since day 1.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the options out there, I don’t blame you. I felt the same way. This baby essentials checklist is for parents who don’t want to end up with a bunch of stuff they won’t use (or clutter.)  

These are items that my partner and I use ALL. THE. TIME now that we’re new parents.  

Every parent has their own style; I hope these baby registry essentials help take the stress out of figuring out what you’ll need for your little one. 

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Stuff you Really Need on Your Minimalist Baby Registry

Minimalist Baby Registry Checklist


I’ve linked a lot of the products that I put on my registry. We created one on Amazon. Keep in mind, you can also buy many of these things secondhand. Set up an alert on Facebook marketplace, to get notified when someone in your area is selling something on your shopping list. 

Baby Best Sellers

Tip: You’ll probably get a lot of newborn clothes from friends and family, so don’t spend your money on clothes your little one might not wear for long.

Baby Essentials Checklist

Baby Sleep 

(We didn’t buy a sound machine, but I use my phone to play white noise and lullabies on Spotify.) 

Bath Time 


  • Play Mat – This one folds up and comes with a convenient bag to carry it. 
  • Play Gym 
  • Books 
  • Bouncer/Swing – The BabyBjorn bouncer wasn’t on our registry, but we recently bought it and love it! 

Feeding Essentials Checklist 

Diaper Changing 

Baby Travel
Jayden’s 1st visit to the beach

Baby Travel Essentials

Baby Gear  

  • Baby Grooming Kit – This travel kit comes with a Thermometer, Nail Clippers, Brush, Comb + more.  
  • Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator – You’ll be glad you have this. 

For Your Hospital Bag 

  • Onesies – Long sleeves and short sleeves
  • Swaddles 
  • Diapers/Nappies 
  • Diaper Rash Cream 
  • Baby Socks 
  • Nursing Bras 

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When Baby Gets Older  

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Conclusion: Minimalist Baby Registry Checklist 

When creating your list, keep in mind that every parent will have an opinion on what they consider essential. These are the things we used and loved. I hope this list helps you sort out what YOUR baby registry must-haves will be. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

What do you wish you added to your baby registry or hospital bag? Leave your tips/suggestions in the comments to help other new parents. 

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  1. I love that you included the Haakaa, it is such a useful tool for the first time mom. I didn’t know about it until after my son was born. Thanks for sharing this and showing new moms what they really need.

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