Brand Spotlight: Mer Sea Travel Wraps

Every jet setter needs travel essentials made to keep up with the journey. When it comes to airport + travel outfits, comfort and style are high on my list. I tend to gravitate towards versatile pieces so I can pack light. Whether you need an extra layer for the plane or a cover-up for the beach, a Mer Sea wrap is a must-have travel essential for your next trip. 

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If you’re searching for go-to pieces that you can wear at home, at work, or traveling the world, look no further. Mer Sea & Co. founders Melanie Bolin and Lina Dickinson design timeless pieces with a focus on simplicity. 

“We began with the idea that life should be simple – like life at the beach,” says Bolin. 

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Mer Sea Travel Wrap

The classic Mer sea wrap comes in a matching travel bag that fits in your carry-on. You can also use it as a small airplane pillow when you’re not wearing your Mer Sea wrap. 

Wear it to the beach as a cover-up or sarong. The lightweight design can also be worn as an extra layer for Spring or Summer days. 

Gifts for Her

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Mer Sea carries loungewear, beach blankets, sweaters, bags, scarves candles, and self-care essentials that are packaged beautifully. Even the tags feature tiny bits of wisdom carefully crafted to uplift you when you need it.

“We love gift-giving as a way to honor a friend, and so it was important with a name like Mer Sea to have this added layer of thought behind our products,” says Bolin.

“Mer means Sea in French – and it is not an accident that phonetically pronounced, it sounds like how the French say thank you.”

Mindful Products + Minimal Packaging 

Mer Sea’s palette is sea-salt bleached hues of white, grey, and blue mixed with little flashes of silver. It’s a fusion of all the colors found in the Sea. 

“We know water of any sort (baths, pools, lakes and the sea) brings a certain level of peace and tranquility, so regardless of the time of year or where we find ourselves – we wanted to keep that mindset front and center.” 

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, the company first launched in 2013. The artisan soy wax blend candles are hand-poured in the USA. A family-owned company in Ecuador specializing in woven products makes many of the travel wraps.

“We want our products to become dependable friends for each journey – even if it’s just to the office and back. Whether it is a gift for a friend or yourself – there is a care in which we package our products.” 

Melanie Bolin, Mer Sea
Sunshine Coast

The right travel accessories can make all the difference in helping you get through those long-haul flights and journeys. What are your favorite must-have travel essentials?

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