July 3, 2012

Mancora, Peru

The bus ride from Cuenca to Mancora wasn’t too bad, but we didn’t get much sleep. Crossing the border from Ecuador to Peru was relatively easy. They stamp your passport at two different locations and thats pretty much it. We left at 9pm and arrived at 5:30am.

We are traveling with a friend we met in Ayampe. His name is Chris, and he is also from New Jersey. At a checkpoint in Peru, police asked him to exit the bus for further questioning. He’s Asian, and the Peruvian police didn’t believe he was American, so they hasseled him a bit! We laugh about it now, but I was a little worried then.

After the bus dropped us off at dawn, the 3 of us walked around this beach town looking for a place to stay. I’m not even exaggerating when I say we checked out at least 10-15 hostels/hotels. Too many! We splurged and decided on “Buena Vista,” a beach front resort!

I finally tried ceviche and I also got my first hangover on this trip. Not cool!

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