One of the reasons why I have so much free time during the day is because I usually go to work while you are sleeping. My alarm clock goes off at 3 am a couple of times a week, and I’m typically done at noon.  The schedule gives me time to explore outside, catch up on things I need to do and watch sunsets.

My boyfriend has the opposite schedule.  We try to coordinate our days off together but during the week it can be tough if we don’t plan it.  This week we had a chance to check out TR Fire Grill in Waikiki.

The atmosphere is warm, inviting and the menu is inspired by the seasons.  We tried several pupus (appetizers) including the Spicy red pepper sauce shrimp and Prime Rib egg rolls followed by Salmon and Zoodles, and Chicken & Waffles.  My favorite.  Even the description is insane – “White Wisconsin Cheddar & Bacon dust waffle, agave syrup.”

For dessert – A wonut.  I’ve never heard of such a thing…  It’s both a waffle and a donut dipped in chocolate and topped with powdered sugar.  Heavenly.

Make time for date night, or lunch, or even happy hour.

It doesn’t always have to include eating out.  Time spent at the beach counts too.

Market Salad with lots of fruit

Chicken & Waffles with sage and bacon dust



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