Jayden’s Nursery

For Jayden’s nursery, I wanted to incorporate a minimalist modern boho vibe with neutral tones. I loved the idea of creating a space that felt bright, airy, and clutter-free. To create a sustainable nursery, we used a mix of new and second-hand pieces. It was so fun to collect wooden toys for him to play with and books to read together in this space. 

We got a convertible crib that turns into a toddler bed, so we can use it for many years to come. I wasn’t sure if I needed a nursing chair, but I’m SOOO glad that we got one. I highly suggest getting one with a footrest. Dave and I both use it all the time, and it’s so comfortable too. (If you have the space, it’s worth it!) The same goes for the changing table. 

My partner added shelves to the closet, so we didn’t feel like we needed a dresser. I love baskets to keep everything organized for storage, and we opted for a gray fluffy area rug for a gender-neutral look. 

I designed a custom map of California (where I’m from) for the wall art and found a Pinterest tutorial to make the boho macrame feathers. One of my favorite things about wall decals is that you can peel them off and move them around. Now that Jayden is a bit older and crawling, we moved the animal decals at his eye level so he can enjoy them too. 

Here are some of our favorite nursery room essentials. I’ve linked similar items too. You can also find links to our favorite baby toys and modern boho home + nursery decor in my Amazon Shop. 

boho nursery
Gender-Neutral Nursery

Boho Nursery Decor 

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