When it comes to selling clothes online, you need the right tools (hustle & determination) to be successful. To make more sales on Poshmark, it helps to know which brands are in high demand. Use well-lit photos that make buyers stop scrolling and know which keywords to use to get more people checking out your online closet. 

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I first started using Poshmark in 2016 when I was living in Hawaii. Like you, I had plenty of clothes in my closet that I liked, but never wore. I started making sales and giving those clothes I no longer wore a second life in someone else’s closet. Over 50 Million users are buying new and used items on Poshmark, according to this report. It’s one way you can be more sustainable.

Since then, I’ve interviewed top sellers about their favorite techniques to make sales and learned what tools work for me to make more sales on Poshmark. Use these tips to help you drive more sales to your Poshmark closet.

how to sell on poshmark


Poshmark gives sellers access to their sales reports via email. Use this data to search sales by year or look up custom dates. Look at these numbers and use the information to help you decide what’s selling fast and what isn’t. Once you’ve sold a few things, you’ll be able to spot sales trends or brands that are performing well and see how much money you’ve made per item. If you’re new to Poshmark, you won’t have much to go by, but keep checking back once you’ve made a few sales.  


If you want to make sales quickly, you have to know your customers and what brands are in high demand. I know that if I post something from Dolls Kill or a pair of Doc Martens, it won’t last long in my closet. While I love wearing Free People, some dresses don’t sell as quickly as others. (You can relist items, take new pictures and freshen up the description if this happens.) Experiment with different brands to see what works for you.

When looking for new stuff to sell, look at comps to see what the item recently sold for and how long ago the sale was. Also, keep in mind that if there are dozens of the same thing, it may be harder to sell the item at a high price point.


Think of every title and description as an opportunity to make a sale. Use the title and description space to add as many keywords to describe the item so that people will find your listings. For example, if you’re selling a “red cocktail dress,” you’ll want to include the brand, style, fabric, fit, and the size.

Use Pinterest! It’s a visual search engine tool that links back to your website or closet. 


Create a community with your Poshmark followers. Post engaging content on Instagram to create a buzz around your closet. Use a scheduling app to schedule posts to save time. I use Planoly to schedule my content.

Not sure what to post on Instagram? Try this: 

  • Photos of new listings. 
  • Post photos of what you use to package items. For example, cute cards or colorful tissue, so buyers know what to expect when they purchase from you. 
  • Share comments from happy customers. 
  • Share stories of your goals and what you hope to do with the money you earn. 
  • Pictures of your favorite Posh purchases. 
  • Ask customers to tag you on IG with photos of themselves wearing what they bought from you. 
How to make more sales on Poshmark


If someone likes a few items in your closet, send them a private message with a discount or ask them to make a reasonable offer. Reach out and connect with the buyer and offer to answer any questions or details about shipping.


You already know that you need to take well-lit photos to get people to stop scrolling. When people are shopping online, they want to know what they’re buying and the item’s condition. Grab their attention with a flat lay, or model the outfit if you have the time. Search for stock photos online by looking up the brand, and use “keywords” to find an image. 

Before listing an item, look at the pictures you took, and ask yourself, “Would I stop what I’m doing and check out this item?”


If you get a lowball offer, always come back with a counter. If you decline, you’re automatically closing a potential deal. Send the shopper a private message via the bundling feature to discuss prices.  


If the offer is fair, don’t lose the opportunity for a sale by asking for a few extra bucks. It’s always a gamble when you use the counteroffer feature because you don’t know the buyer’s budget. Consider what’s a better option for you: making a sale today, or waiting around forever and never getting the price you wanted. 

Use these tips to help you make more sales in your Poshmark closet. If you don’t have a Poshmark account yet, use ALOHALAEX to save $5 after your first purchase.  

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