How to Declutter Toys + Toy Storage Ideas 

Wondering how to declutter toys? Decluttering toys creates a more organized and peaceful living space so you and your kids can thrive. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the toys in your home, reduce the number of toys. Fewer toys not only means less cleanup time, but it also encourages kids to focus and engage in more creative, imaginative play. 

If you’re trying to reduce the kid clutter at home, this post has some easy tips to help you get rid of toys and ideas for organizing and storing them. 

Simplify Your Space: How to Declutter Toys 

1. Pay attention to what your kids are playing with.

Pay attention what they’ve forgotten about. Keep a donation basket or bag and start collecting toys to give away.

2. Be mindful of the toys and games you buy.

Is it an open-ended toy (a toy that can be played with in different ways)? Will you need to replace the batteries often? Does it have a lot of pieces that will end up everywhere? 

3. Throw away anything that’s broken or has missing pieces. 

4. Start rotating toys.

If you’re feeling overstimulated by all the toys in your house but are not ready to get rid of them, try a toy rotation. We use clear bins to store toys and rotate them weekly.

5. Gift Ideas

If you’re shopping with your toddler and they ask for a new toy, try saying, “Let’s take a picture, and we’ll get it for your birthday or Christmas.” Keep a folder titled “gift ideas” on your phone so you know what to get them for their next birthday.  

6. Try the one in one out method to keep your home clutter-free. 

7. Involve your kids in the decluttering process.

We visit the toy library at our local library, and my two-year-old knows we have to bring the toy back if we want to check out a new one. Before I donate any toys, I leave them out for two weeks to see if my boys play with them. We donate toys to our daycare gym, give books to friends and family and visit local street libraries to swap books for new ones. 

8. Ask for an experience gift for a birthday or special occasion.

If your friends and family ask what to get your little one, ask them for books or an experience gift instead of toys. It can be anything from a ticket to the aquarium, zoo or a fun family event. You can also set up a bank account for your children and share the details on the invite. 

How to Organize Toys: Ideas for Toy Storage

Everything in your home should have its own space, including toys. Here are a few ideas to keep toys organized. 


Montessori-Inspired Shelf

Cube Shelf


Clear Bins


I hope these tips and tricks help you tame the toy clutter and inspire you to create a more organized and functional space for your children to play and learn. Use baskets or other creative storage solutions to organize and hide toys when they’re not in use. 

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