How to Find Your Purpose – Connect with Yourself

Everyone says you should do what you love. Find what sets your soul on fire. Do something that makes you happy, and you’ll never work a day in your life. But how do you do that if you’re not sure what your passion is and how to get started? The first step is learning how to connect with yourself to find your purpose.

How to Find Your Purpose

“So many of us grow up learning to please others and doing what we should and need to do to fit in. Although this may be more comfortable and pleasing to others, it certainly doesn’t set us up for success when it comes to knowing who we are and what we want,” says Allison Braun. 

Allison Braun is a Success Strategist and the founder of Living Richly. The Mastermind program teaches women, entrepreneurs, and business owners how to tap into their prosperity and how to access the right tools to reach their business goals. 

Allison breaks down how to overcome the “am I qualified enough?” mentality, how to break patterns that are hindering growth, and how to connect with yourself to find your purpose. 

How to Connect with Yourself to Find Your Purpose

Break out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s easy to fall into the trap of being who you think people want you to be. Don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone to see what moves you. Make a list of things you like to do and things you’re good at doing. Ask yourself, what comes naturally to me? What could I spend hours doing and lose track of time? 

“Give yourself permission to explore these types of questions and to spend more of your time doing them. This can lead to a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment,” says Allison.  

Access your Untapped Potential

“Reduce and remove as much of the heavy or distracting things that aren’t in alignment with where you want to go as soon as possible,” says Allison. 

If you want to learn how to access your untapped potential, you need to take stock of what interactions are helping you grow and what could be holding you back. Learn to listen and trust your intuition. While it may be challenging at first, be honest with yourself and take steps to reduce or remove anything holding you back. By eliminating negative beliefs, relationships that are draining you, or learning to take back your time, you can make space for more of that potential to be accessed. 

To Find Your Purpose, Be Present

“I have found that in committed community and sisterhood (where everyone is committed to showing up and being themselves) that I have received reflections of who I am that have helped me,” she says.

Strengthen the connection with yourself by spending time alone. Take a few minutes to find silence and be present. Check-in with yourself to see how you feel and what you can do to come back into balance when something doesn’t feel right. Create a morning routine that puts your mindset first before you start working on your to-do list. 

Find your tribe, community, sisterhood, or circle. Connect with people who you feel safe expressing your emotions with. When times get tough, it can be easier to get through the struggle if you have an active support group. 

Let go of Negative Thoughts

“The first step is acknowledging that there *could* be ways in which you are hindering your growth, and then being open to identifying what they are,” says Allison. 

Don’t let negative thoughts pour in and take over. If you begin to wonder if you’re qualified enough to do what you’re doing, remember why you got started. Grab a pen and paper, close your eyes, and focus on your breath, so you feel more connected and present. Use this question as a prompt to find your why: 

Why am I the most qualified person to do X, or to help X with _______ ?”  

If you want to break patterns that are hindering growth, ask yourself:

  • What are all the things that have prepared me to do this? 
  • What are the patterns that are hindering my growth? 
  • How can I break that pattern?
  • What’s the first thing I can do to help me release this pattern?
  • Who can help me release this pattern?

“Check-in to see if there is anything you feel like you need to do, include, or someone you need to support that isn’t in your zone of genius or that you aren’t a master at (yet),” Allison says. “Explore how you could shift or release those thoughts so you can be focusing more on what you feel most qualified to be doing right now.” 


  • To find our purpose, create a space to connect with yourself and your intuition. It could be a meditation, yoga, prayer, or ritual practice that inspires creativity.
  • Challenge yourself in healthy ways. “For some, this may mean doing more physically challenging and adventurous things; for others, it may mean being more emotionally aware and expressive. The key is actualizing that potential by taking action on the guidance, no matter how random, weird, simple, uncomfortable it is that comes through while in those experiences,” says Allison. 
  • Create a folder of testimonials and kind words that you can look at when you need an extra confidence boost. Take a look at those positive words when you start to feel insecure or wonder if you’re qualified enough. “Get clear on what you DO feel qualified to do, and why. Own it.”
How to connect with yourself to find your passion

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