The Hospital Bag Packing Guide

Here’s a look at what I’m packing in my hospital bag for my second baby. The first time around, I packed enough for two to three days and ended up staying in the hospital for much longer. Honestly, it wasn’t a huge deal because my partner could just run out and grab what I needed. 

Every mom’s experience is different, so if you think you’ll need something, there’s no harm in bringing it with you. 

This time I’m still sticking to the basics – and packing a few extra items – just in case. 

What’s In My Hospital Bag for Baby #2 

Robe + Slippers: Since I’ll deliver in winter, I’m bringing a plush robe and slippers to stay warm and cozy. 

Comfy Sweats – I went home in a flowy dress last time, and it was comfortable since it was summer in Australia. This time, I’m bringing a few oversized sweats and a jumper for my going-home outfit. 

Panties – I just bought several pairs from Boody to wear during postpartum recovery. They’re so soft! 

Maternity Pads + Disposable Underwear – I highly recommend bringing your own. While some people say the hospital might provide these for you, I don’t want to ask someone to bring me a pad every time I need one. It’s so much easier to just grab it out of your bag. 

Nursing Bra – Packing a few nursing bras and nursing tanks in my bag. I’ve listed some of my favorites in this postpartum recovery post.

Socks: Packing a few pairs since my feet are always cold. 

Toiletry Bag – Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lip balm, lotion and a few other essentials. 

Snacks + Water Bottle – I’m not a fan of hospital food, and I bet you aren’t either. I’m stocking up on my favorite snacks and a few frozen meals just in case (even though food may be the last thing on your mind during labor.) 

What not to forget – Your charger, music playlist, and car seat! I also plan to bring a pen and notebook because I remember wishing I had one the first time. 

For Baby 

I’m bringing a separate bag for the baby with two swaddles, a going-home outfit, a few extra onesies, and a cute hat. Here’s where to find the cutest gender-neutral clothes for your bubba.  

+ We’re also planning on bringing our toddler a gift from the baby.

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