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August 27, 2011

My first 49ers game

49ers 122

Today was a gorgeous day at Candlestick Park. It was sunny for most of the day, but sure enough the fog rolled in before half-time bringing a cold chill with it. My roommate invited me to the game, and it was pretty awesome because she had really great seats. Thanks Erica!

The 49ers weren’t doing so hot when we left, but hey…it’s only pre-season!

49ers 107

tailgate time!

49ers 108

banjo dude

49ers 109

49ers 114

front row seats

49ers 121

p.s. I’m still a Chargers fan 😉

49ers 125

work-out time

49ers 127

I wasn’t surprised to see a number of cops walking around the parking lot after the two shootings, and serious beating last week. Sure enough, as soon as the game started, police asked anyone standing outside to either go in or get out. No more tailgating during or after the game- (new rules this season.)


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2 thoughts on “My first 49ers game

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    I am so glad you had fun!
    As always intersting pictures!

    Author’s gravatar

    thanks! it was a blast!!

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