How to Find the Noosa Fairy Pools, Australia

The Noosa Fairy Pools in Noosa National Park, Australia are a hidden gem. The park is a wildlife sanctuary, and it’s not unusual to see koalas near Tea Tree Bay. Look up in the treetops! 

Fairy Pools in Noosa National Park 

Visiting the Noosa Fairy Pools was one of the first things I did when I first moved to Queensland. When we got to the rockpools, the water was so pristine, and after the 45-minute coastal walk, it was refreshing to jump in for a swim. 

Use this guide to help you plan your trip to the Noosa Fairy Pools. This Travel Guide covers:

  1. How to get to the Noosa Rock Pools
  2. Where to park 
  3. Best time to visit 
  4. What to do in Noosa Heads 
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Fairy Pools Noosa

How to get to the Fairy Pools in Noosa National Park 

Located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, Noosa National Park is an approximately two-hour drive from Brisbane. 

To get to the Fairy Pools in Noosa, take the Coastal Walk, which starts at the park’s main entrance. The Coastal Walk is a scenic trail that hugs the coastline. It does get busy, so get there early to enjoy the path without the crowds. 

Once you pass Tea Tree Bay, Dolphin Point Lookout and Granite Bay, you’ll find the Fairy Pools in Noosa Heads. From there, you’ll have to get off the path and climb down rocks to find the two Fairy pools. 

From Hastings Street, you can walk 1 km to the national park on the coastal boardwalk. Approximately 30 minutes. 

Where to Park 

The Headland section main entrance car park is at the end of Park Road, Noosa Heads. You can also access the Headland section from Parkedge Road and the northern end of Sunshine Beach.

It’s about a 45-minute walk from the main Noosa National Heads car park to the Fairy Pools. 

Map: Fairy Pools Noosa

How to find Noosa Fairy rockpools
Courtesy: Google Maps

Best time to visit Fairy Pools in Noosa

If you want to enjoy the Fairy Pools by yourself, the best time to visit is in the morning when there aren’t many visitors in the park yet. Noosa is a busy place, with 1.5 million people visiting every year, according to the Queensland Government.  

Visit the park in the morning to escape the midday heat. Check the tides before you visit and when you get there, to avoid waves crashing into the rockpools and smashing you around against the rocks. 

Visiting Noosa National Park 

On your visit to Noosa National Park, there are several trails, beaches and lookouts to explore. Take your time and look out for the glossy black-cockatoo, red goshawk, koalas, swamp orchid and Christmas bell. The park is home to several rare and threatened species. 

Popular Walks in Noosa 

  1. Palm Grove Walk – If you’re looking for a break from the sun, the Palm Grove Walk is a short walk in a rainforest.
  2. Coastal Walk – Take this walk to get to the Noosa Fairy Pools. 
  3. Alexandria Bay Walk – Enjoy this coastal route to Alexandria Bay. 
Noosa Heads Queensland Australia

Things To Do in Noosa 

Noosa Main Beach – The Gentle waves at Noosa Main Beach make it a perfect option for families. It’s located just across the boardwalk from Hastings Street. 

Noosa Heads Surf Lifesaving Club – Grab lunch at Noosa Heads Surf Lifesaving Club and enjoy views of Noosa Main Beach. 

Hastings Street – Hastings street is a mix of resorts, cafes, restaurants, bars and local boutiques in the heart of Noosa Heads. 

Noosa Woods – Enjoy a beautiful beach walk in Noosa Woods.

Sunshine Beach – Explore Sunshine Beach on the southern side of the Noosa National Park headland. 

Noosa North Shore – Camp on the beach at Noosa North Shore. 

Noosaville – Enjoy gorgeous views of the river in Noosaville. 

Noosa National Park Australia

Tips for Visiting Noosa National Park 

  1. Arrive early to avoid swimming in a busy pool.  
  2. Bring lots of water, especially if you’re walking in the heat. 
  3. Bring sunscreen and a hat for sun protection. 
  4. Pack out what you pack in. 


Noosa is a top destination in Queensland, Australia. If you’re planning on visiting the Noosa Fairy Pools, take the Coastal Walk. Visit early to escape the Queensland heat, and check the tide before you go. Plan your visit when the water is calm, to avoid getting smashed against the rocks in the Fairy pools. Enjoy!