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Endless Summer

I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet.  Are you? It’s been the coldest summer in San Diego in a long time…I’m pretty sure we are talking about record-breaking cold. 

Regardless I had an amazing time! Here’s a look back at Summer 2010… 


April 16-17 Coachella- counting down till next year
May 27 Pitbull
July 9 Kings of Leon- new song “Radioactive” is great 🙂

July 21 Alejandro Sanz
July 22 Big Boi- Outkast

July 24 Elton John
August 20 Dave Matthews Band
August 21 Weezer
August 25 John Mayer

Still to Come:

Sep 25 Epicenter- Kiss, Eminem, Travis Barker
Oct. 1 Matt & Kim
Oct. 16 Maroon 5

If summer has to end, at least we get football!  Go Chargers! 


  1. Joaquin Joaquin

    Please, please, pleaseeeeee AVOID Matt & Kim…

  2. You’re not a fan? I saw them at coachella! They are so much fun!!

  3. Adela Garcia Adela Garcia

    I’m with you,Alex! If summer was this cold can you imagine what our fall and winter will be like? Oh well, at least you made the best of it and can look forward to next year.

  4. […] been wanting to see them since I went to Coachella, but they were one of the last bands to play, and I had to leave before they came on. If you get a […]

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