Vision Board Checklist: What To Put on a Vision Board

The best way to achieve your goals is to envision what you want, create an action plan with target dates, and stay focused. Wondering what to put on a vision board? A vision board, also known as a dream board, is a collection of your ideas, photos, and mantras to help you reach your goals and dreams. 

Use this vision board checklist to create the ultimate vision board this year.

I’ve been using dream boards for as long as I can remember, and I’m looking at mine as I write this. Vision boards work when you keep your goals top of mind.

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vision board checklist

Vision Board Ideas

Many people like to use magazine pictures, photos, and quotes to create the ultimate vision board. You can also use Pinterest to create visualization boards online, and keep these boards private if you prefer. 

Vision Board Checklist

Use this vision board checklist to get started and learn how to make a vision/dream board.

  1. Create a collection of ideas that inspire you. 
  2. Before you start cutting and pasting, think about your goals, dreams, and what you would like to manifest into your life.
  3. Hold yourself accountable and give yourself time to work towards your goals. 
  4. Feel free to add new pictures or quotes to your dream board as time goes by. 

Plan a vision board party with your friends and talk about your ideas over a glass of wine. If you prefer to keep it personal, create a space in your home where you can let your thoughts flow.

Keep your vision board/dream board in a place where you will constantly be reminded of what you want to achieve this week, month, or year. 

  • Do you want to buy a new home? 
  • Find a partner? 
  • Get a promotion at work? Or start a business? 
  • Is there a particular aspect of your life that you would like to change?

You may also want to keep a gratitude journal and give thanks for the gifts you’re about to receive. 

Are you ready to start crushing goals in 2020? These six bloggers share their favorite dream/vision board ideas to help you get started. 


Vision Board Checklist: Categories and Themes

“Utilizing a vision board for an upcoming project can be as simple as printing out photos of objects, people, or places and putting them up on your wall. Allowing you to visualize your dreams will inspire you to make them a reality. Another option is to write down your vision on paper in story form.

For example, create a story of where you see yourself in five years. Include details down to the specific brand and type of shoes you will be wearing, what job you have and what furniture is in each room of your home.

If you’d prefer to stick to technology, create a Pinterest board in place of a physical vision board. This way, you’ll still be able to view your goals and dreams while saving the wall space.”

Ann Tolman, Ann Plans Travel


vision board ideas 2020

How to Manifest What you Want in Life 

“I learned about the Law of Attraction when I was at one of the lowest points in my life. But sometimes it’s when we hit rock bottom we learn our greatest lessons!

In the space of a few months, I lost my mum, my home, my relationship, my job, and my car and suddenly found myself living in a homeless hostel with my 4-year-old daughter.

Life sometimes throws us some curveballs, but the trick is how you respond to them.

Find your inspiration.

It’s easy to give up, but in order to survive, you need to fight and look for solutions! In desperation, I read self-help books and came across Ester Hicks. She spoke of the Law of Attraction and how to manifest things into your life.

I was amazed – could you actually change your life just by changing your thoughts? Clearly, as my back was fully against the wall, I had no other choice but to try it!

What I discovered was what truly changed my life. Firstly, Ester taught me to raise my vibration and find gratitude for small things. To focus on what I wanted, not what I lacked.

One of the exercises was to create a vision board.

A vision board is a board full of experiences, feelings, and things we would like to manifest into our lives. You can make this board online, somewhere like Pinterest. However, I find a physical board works much better and much faster, so I use a corkboard. 

The first time I made one, I cut pictures out of magazines, but now I scan the internet and Pinterest for things I want. My first board had words like happiness, contentment, pictures of family homes I liked, photos of people smiling, and having fun. I even pinned the car I liked and a dog I wanted!

After creating my first vision board when I had nothing, I quickly manifested a new home, a car, a good job, and a partner. Not only that, but I learned so much about vibration and how easy it is to fall into negative patterns. This gave me the tools to keep my life on track.”

Natalie Shirlaw, Does It Work By Natalie 

Dream Board Ideas on Pinterest 

“I’m into making digital vision boards (finding images online and saving them to Pinterest boards, couldn’t be simpler!) I do this every month to re-align myself and my goals in both my business and personal life. Vision boards are an amazing way to combine visual ideas, manifestation, and goal setting.”

Renee Shaw, This Anxious Mum 

How a vision board changed my life

“Being a 20-year-old college student, my ideas of life and how I want to live mine are ever-changing and too fluid to follow.

But my mother gave me the simple task of placing everything I want to see happen in my year on a board at the start of each year so that it would be easier to follow my desires down a path to discover my ultimate goal.

Little did I know that this was a common craft that others called a vision board. I’ve read and heard the stories of how people got the things they put on their board, etc.

But I thought all of it was a little far fetched.

That was until I saw a few of the things I wanted manifesting, the most prevalent being my desire to make new and meaningful friendships.”

Aiysha Everett, Age of Aiysha

dream board ideas

Vision Board Ideas for Goals 

“I create vision boards as a way to self-motivate and self-care.

It shows me what’s ahead instead of looking at the darkness behind me.

It makes me happy to see all my favorite things mixed with motivational quotes and mantras all together on one board, encouraging me to do better, to be better! Vision boards help me stay focused, I can easily forget that I need to save up for my dream trip to Europe, but with a vision board right under my nose or literally, right in my face, I stay focused on what I truly want.

All in all, vision boards teach me about myself, that I am whimsical and hardworking, and those are some pretty good qualities!”

Emma Gebhard, IG @whatemmalikes

Vision Board Manifestation Goals 

“A great thing about vision boards is that they enable and encourage you to dream big.

Don’t limit yourself by thinking of something that’s realistic.

Often the biggest mistake people make is they either have goals that are way too easy or way too hard. The best goals, I find, are the ones that push you out of your comfort zone, but that you know you can achieve if you work hard on it.

This is the golden rule for effective goals.

Hedy Zhou, Happily, Hedy

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There is no right or wrong way to create a vision board. Start with an intention and use these vision board ideas and checklist to help you manifest what you want in life.

Are you ready to start reaching your goals in 2020?

This site contains affiliate links. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Thanks for your support!

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