13 Romantic Stay at Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Planning a romantic night in for Valentine’s Day? Here’s some inspiration for date night ideas at home for couples searching for something creative, cheap, fun, and romantic to do any day of the week.

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fun stay at home date night ideas

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Romantic + Creative Stay At Home Date Night Ideas for Couples

These days we’re all spending more time at home, living in our most comfortable loungewear, and getting used to new routines. Whether you’re planning a romantic night with your spouse or searching for creative things to do so you’re not bored, enjoy these budget-friendly ideas to plan a perfect night in. 

1. Create an at-home day spa. 

It’s been a hectic year. You work hard, and sometimes you just need to unwind. If you’re both searching for some time to relax and disconnect, plan a self-care night. Revitalize your skin with a hydrating face mask for 15 minutes. Start a bubble bath for your partner so they can feel pampered after a long week. Also, who wouldn’t love a massage? Light some candles, and treat your partner to a surprise they’ll love.  

2. Practice Yoga + Meditate Together

You don’t have to drive to your local studio to enjoy the benefits of yoga. DownDog app offers a variety of yoga classes for all levels. Roll out your mats together, find balance, and practice new poses at home. It’s a great way to move your body at your own pace, any time of day. 

3. Craving something good? How about a Pizza Night?

Sure, it’s easy to order takeaway, but why not try making your own pizza tonight? Head to the grocery store and pick up your favorite toppings, sauce, and base to make a tasty dinner treat. The kids will love it too! 

4. Plan a fun Theme Night.  

If you feel like things are getting a bit stale in your relationship, get creative, and plan a theme night for your date at home. Set the scene in your living room, and pretend to escape to a new country. Get into character and dress up for some laughs. 70s night? 80s party? The possibilities are endless. 

5. Wine Tastings

If you and your partner love wine, sample some of your favorites or try something new. Choose wines from a region of the world you would like to visit. Swap stories about why you want to go there as you both enjoy a smooth glass of red. 

Love a cheeky wine? Whether you prefer rosé or red wine, try a wine subscription to sample something new.  Try a gift pack from Australia’s Vinomofo wine club.  

6. Share your favorite hobby with your partner. 

Whether you like painting, drawing, or making something creative, teach your partner something new. You can also both decide to take up a new hobby that you can learn together. 

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Creative Ideas for Date Night at Home 

romantic stay at home date night ideas

7. Fun Games + Scavenger Hunts

Enjoy the perfect night in with your love with a fun board game, card game, or charades. If you’re up for a friendly competition, plan a scavenger hunt, and hide clues to see if they can crack the code. 

8. 20 questions

How well do you know your partner? Whether you just started dating or you’ve been together for a long time, discover something new by asking rapid-fire questions. Fill out the answers to how you think they’ll respond, and share them with each other for a good laugh. 

Ice breakers: 

  • What’s your must-have travel essential? 
  • What’s your superpower? 
  • Is there a song you can’t live without? 

9. Start Planning your Next Getaway. 

couples getaway

Ready to get out of town? Create a list of your favorite destinations or plan a new adventure together—research the best hotels, flights, and places to eat. Think outside the box. Look up the best times to visit that new hotel that just opened up or when to plan a road trip to a national park

10. Movie Night

Instead of spending time scrolling through movies and shows to watch, make a plan. Create a list of your top five things to watch, get the popcorn ready, and slip into your comfy sweats. If you want to switch things up, get dressed up to match your movie date theme. 

11. Travel Down Memory Lane. 

How to Let Things Go

You’ve both got countless photos on your phone from past date nights and experiences together. Why not schedule a night to reminisce on old times? Watch videos from your honeymoon or that one time you went camping on the beach. Collect your favorite snaps and make a photo book you both can enjoy. 

12. Plan a DIY project together. 

Does your room need a facelift? Time to freshen up the decor? Get crafty and start putting together ideas of what project to take up next. A fresh coat of paint can give your room an instant facelift that doesn’t cost a fortune. This is a cute date night idea that can last a few days or weeks. 

13. Spruce up your garden. 

There’s nothing like some new plants to turn your backyard into a new space you both can enjoy. Set up a compost station or plant your own herbs and vegetables to add new flavors to your kitchen. You can use seedling pots to plant seeds and get a head start with herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, and capsicums. 


Bored at home? Plan a fun night in with your love. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show them how much you care. 

What are your favorite ideas for a stay at home date night? Share them in the comments. 

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