3 Steps to Create Your Dream Life Now (+ Journal Prompts)

Are you living your dream life? Do you live every day with purpose and feel like you’re right where you’re supposed to be? Everyone has a different version of what their dream life looks like. Want to design your dream life and travel the world? Start a business? And crush some new goals? Here are 3 steps, plus journal prompts to help you identify your purpose so you can create your dream life now.

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What does designing your dream life mean to you?

If you want to travel around the world, take that next step in your career or gain the freedom you desire, you’re in control of designing your journey.

Create Your Dream Life Now: If you put in the work, you’ll see results.

The first step in designing your dream life is to start visualizing it. Create a S.M.A.R.T. goal, says Darren Marc, author of Create Your Dream Life Now: A Workbook & Guide for Manifesting Your Destiny.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant (aligned with your life’s intention)
  • Time Bound.

“It’s very easy for the mind to become distracted by things that are not of the highest priority in life.  By writing down our goals, we stay focused on what is most important to us.”

Darren Marc, Author & Reiki Master
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Step 1: Start Creating

By writing things down, we keep the mind focused. Create lists of goals you want to accomplish to get you closer to living the life of your dreams.

Before you go to bed every night, write down a few things you’d like to accomplish. Create a vision board, or keep it simple and write down your goals on a piece of paper and put it somewhere where you will see it every day.

Journal Prompts:

  1. Personal Development – What goals do you have related to improving yourself and becoming a better person?
  2. Health – What goals do you have related to feeling totally amazing in your body?
  3. Family & Romance – What goals do you have related to family, love, and romance? (These can include dreams related to a current partnership or one you wish to create.)
  4. Fun – What are some of your fun goals? Think about the things in life that bring you the most joy!
  5. Career – What are your career goals?
  6. Finance – What are your financial goals? Be specific.
  7. Spirituality – Do you have any goals related to your spiritual life?

Step 2: Daily Spiritual Practice

Some people believe that when they finally achieve their dreams and goals, that’s when they will experience happiness. But it’s important to live in the now and appreciate every moment and learn from every hurdle. These are steps that will eventually get you to where you want to be. Don’t worry about the past or the future.

Being present allows creative energy to flow.

Meditate. Don’t be surprised when your mind starts to wander during meditation. This happens. By practicing regularly, you’ll be able to keep your mind focused and centered.

“When you experience the shift of consciousness that results from daily meditation practice, you are raising your vibration.  As you do THAT, the circumstances that you need to help you move towards your dreams will come into your life with more grace and ease,” says Marc.

Create a routine.

Creating a morning or evening routine keeps you grounded, focused, and present. Make time for things that will help you get closer to achieving your goals. You don’t have to say yes or commit to everything. If it’s not enhancing your life or moving you in the right direction, feel comfortable saying no.

Be grateful for the gifts you are about to receive.

Keep a gratitude journal of things that you want. Look to the future, and be thankful for what is about to come your way. By giving thanks to what you want as if you have it not, you raise your personal frequency to match what you are searching for.

“There will always be ‘something’ you can do to shift your vibration a little higher and gain a little bit of momentum towards what you want.”

Darren Marc, Author
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Step 3: Become the best version of Yourself.

It can be frustrating if your vision isn’t coming to fruition as quickly as you hoped. If you want to travel around the world, keep your eyes on the prize. At all costs, avoid comparing your journey to someone else’s.

If you feel like you are in a funk, try asking yourself what you can do today or this week to get you a little closer to accomplishing your goals. Find a mentor or a buddy who can help keep you accountable.


Being active improves your health and can extend your life. Even 30 minutes of moderately intense activity can help you sleep better, reduce stress, control your weight, brighten your mood, sharpen your mental functioning, and improve your sex life.

Learn to overcome negative thoughts

You are talented, strong, and can design the life you always wanted. Unblock any negative beliefs that you won’t accomplish your personal mission. Take a minute to figure out what’s causing these thoughts and start believing that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.

“Walk through the fear and take action even if you have self-doubt,” says Marc. “When you do that, you will often see that by taking that first step, you create momentum to keep taking more and more baby steps in the right direction.”

Finding Alignment

While you may be tempted to say yes to everything learning to say no could be the better option. To create your dream life now, embrace the stepping stones that are putting you closer to reaching your goals of finding freedom, quitting your job, or traveling the world.

“Every time you say no to something that’s not part of your highest version, you create the space for what you want to come into your life.”

How to Create Your Dream Life – Conclusion

When you stay focused, present, and aligned, you become more aware of the steps you need to take to create your dream life. Be ready to let go of anything that no longer serves you. Spend as much time as you can in nature, and appreciate all the things that are shaping your reality.

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