Not Making Sales on Poshmark? Here’s How to Fix That (7 Ideas)

Sales Slow on Poshmark

If you’re not making sales on Poshmark or Depop, use these marketing tips to end the slow sales slump. Every business has its ups and downs, including online reselling. The good news is that the secondhand market will reach $51 Billion by 2023. Apps like Poshmark and Depop are making it easier for shoppers and sellers … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Clothes on Poshmark

How to be Successful on Poshmark

Want to learn how to sell clothes on Poshmark successfully? In this post, you’ll learn tips to create a Poshmark selling strategy to drive more business to your online closet. After the tips, keep reading to get the scoop on where to find the best places to buy inventory/clothes to sell on Poshmark.  How to Sell Clothes … Read more

Dreamer & Co: A Jewelry Line Empowering Female Artisans

Sustainable Jewelry

From handmade earrings made from recycled milk cartons to paper bead necklaces, Dreamer & Co jewelry is about creating opportunities for the local artists making the necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.   Jessica Lee Gardner and Baylee Eby created Dreamer & Co to empower low-income artisans in the Horn of Africa to flourish through business. “We don’t see ourselves … Read more