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Image via A year ago next month, I got on a plane headed to South America with a poorly packed backpack, a camera and a passport. I remember how excited, anxious and curious I was about what was going to happen in the next few months. When I arrived in Quito, I had no plans…

Salt Flats- Day 2

Llamas, flamingos, twisters and geysers…day 2 was a long one, but I saw several things I had never seen before… Like the “Arbol de piedra.” We stayed in a hotel made of salt on day 1, and drove for several hours on day 2. Way too many! On our jouney we passed by at least…

Salar de Uyuni – Day 1

The salt flats were great, but the best part of this trip was at night. Stargazing at the Salar is epic! Never in my life have I seen so many shooting stars…between 15-20! Incredible 😉

Train Cementery, Uyuni

The train cementery was the first stop on our salt flats tour. Basically it’s like a train junkyard, but it’s fun to climb on things and take pictures there!


The food here sucks and the people in town aren’t really friendly. There are several companies that offer tours to the salt flats, so we shopped around for the best deal. We went with “Expediciones Latitudes.” and paid about $120 for our 2 day trip. The only con- our tour guide was shitty!


There isn’t much to say about Oruro. We only went there to catch the train to Uyuni, and in my opinion staying there one night is one too many. The train on the other hand was suprisingly more than pleasant. I highly recommend eating the filet mignon, while watching the sunset. Yum yum in my…

Santa Cruz

The original plan to Santa Cruz involved us on a 16 hour bus ride from Cochabamba, but that changed when my tio Jaime and cousin Marco said we could go with them. I can’t even explain how much fun we had during the next few days!!! We celebrated Marco’s birthday in SC, and drove through…


The ride to Cochabamba was looong and tiresome, but we made it their safely, which isn’t always guaranteed when your on a Bolivia bus. We stayed with my grandfather and uncle Pepe at my great grandmothers house. I haven’t been there in 20 years and I remember playing there as a little kid. She is…

Leaving La Paz

Chris, Nicole and I spent two weeks in La Paz visiting my grandparents and other family members. It’s always tough to say goodbye 😦


I’ve never climbed a rock wall before, so this was pretty cool! I quit midway through the first time… But after seeing my little cousins make it to the top, I gave it another go! It’s definitely no easy task, but it sure gets the adrenaline going!

Valle de la Luna

Valle de la Luna is basically a stones throw away from my grandma´s house in Mallasilla. The name means Valley of the moon, and there are different rock formations inside the fenced in park.  I´ve visited the park many moons ago, when I  lived in Bolivia, but I took my bf Chris there since we pass…

La Paz, Bolivia

I´ve been in La Paz, for the past two weeks, mostly spending time with family and doing very little of anything else.  The last time I was here was nearly six years ago, and alot has changed since then… so I´ve been busy catching up with my grandparents and other family members. The weather has…