Travel Tips: Camping with a Baby

If you love camping and road trips, there’s no need to wait until your baby is all grown up to hit the road. We took our son on his first camping beach trip in Australia when he was six months old, and it’s one of our favorite travel memories. 

Here are some of the things we brought to make baby’s first camping trip fun, comfortable and easy. 

Camping Trip With a Baby

Camping with a baby in a Jucy Condo 

The journey from Brisbane to 1770 takes about 5.30 hours. If you’re traveling with a baby, you’re going to want to take plenty of breaks along the way. We packed our travel essentials in a Jucy Condo and spent the night in Burrum Heads, 1770 and Woodgate, to split up the trip. We chose the JUCY Condo because it’s the most spacious camper, has a kitchen and can accommodate a car seat. You can rent a car seat, but we decided to bring our own. There are two beds, but we used the top bed for storage since it’s a bit of a tight squeeze up there. The campervans come with sheets, pillows, blankets, towels and kitchen supplies, so you won’t need to bring any of that stuff from home. 

Use this link to book a JUCY campervan for your next family trip.

Camping with an Infant

What to Bring Camping with a Baby 

It’s easy to overpack when traveling with a baby, but we tried to keep it light. I didn’t bring a lot of clothes because our campsite had a washer and dryer that we could use if we needed to. Here are some of what we consider travel essentials. 

Car Seat: To make the journey as comfortable as possible for our little one, we decided to bring our own car seat. 

Portacot + Stroller: Playpens are light, easy to set up and great for naps. The stroller was handy for walks around the campsite.  

Wipes: You can never have enough wipes. They’re great for cleaning up quick spills and sanitizing your hands etc. 

Baby Carrier: A baby carrier is a must, especially for hikes and walks on the beach. 

Sleep Suit: Keep your baby warm at night in a sleep suit. If you’re planning on camping for a few nights, bring 1-2 just in case there’s a poo explosion overnight. 

Big Blanket: Ideal for pit stops where baby needs to crawl. 

Baby Plate, Cup + Bib: You won’t need to bring any plates, cups or utensils for yourself, but don’t forget baby’s stuff. You can wash these up in the kitchen sink in the campervan or at the campsite.

1770 Beach

Planning the Trip

Choose the right campsite. We booked a family campsite with showers, a baby washing station, kitchen and laundry facilities. Since we booked in advance, we were able to get a prime spot on the beach. 

Drive during nap times. You may want to sit in the back seat for some of the journey to keep your baby company. We started our trip during the first morning nap and stopped to eat when he woke up. 

Be flexible. Plan to make a few extra stops if your baby needs a diaper change or wants a cuddle. 

Bring plenty of snacks and keep them easily accessible. 

Pack extra nappies and trash bags. 

Agnes Water Beach
1770 camping trip

What to do in 1770 

We loved camping in 1770 and can’t wait to visit again. Here are some of the things you can do with a baby during your trip. 

  • Watch the sunset. 
  • Take a dip in the ocean. 
  • Visit Agnes Water Beach. 
  • Hike Paperbark Forest Boardwalk. 
  • Explore the town of 1770.
Things to do 1770

Have you been camping with a baby? Share your top tips in the comments. 


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