San Francisco

California Dreaming

I love it when I see something so unique, I have to stop what I’m doing and take a picture.  Every city has it’s story…and I want to hear what San Francisco has to say.

best seats in the house

Cali love

easy breezy

hyde and go seek

street smarts

barrels of fun

…where the grass is really greener!


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  1. Michelle Morgan says:

    Great pics Alex! I used to live in SF for 7 seven years, the pics totally take me back! Enjoy the Bay!

    Safe travels,
    Michelle Morgan 🙂

    1. thanks Michelle!
      I bet it was hard to leave 🙂

      1. Michelle Morgan says:

        It was a little tough to say goodbye just because of the great friends I made up there.

        But, I love So Cal!

        -Michelle 🙂

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