How to Plan The Ultimate Boho Picnic

A boho picnic is a fun way to celebrate any special occasion. Whether you’re planning a romantic date, birthday party, bridal shower, or baby shower, it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your closest family and friends.

What is a boho-style picnic?

Create a relaxed and carefree atmosphere for your picnic by adding earthy tones, natural materials, and whimsical touches. I love bohemian style and recently attended the cutest boho picnic on a work trip in California.

Here’s how you can easily create your own beautiful bohemian-style picnic at the beach, the park or in your backyard for your next special event. 

How to Throw A Bohemian Picnic 

Seabridge, Oxnard

1. Choose The Perfect Location

If the weather is nice, choose an outdoor space like a beautiful park, backyard or garden. Head to the beach and find the perfect spot to view the sunset. You can also host a picnic indoors if rain is in the forecast for your event.

2. What Food to Bring

You can’t go wrong with finger foods, sandwiches, or salads. A cheese platter with fruit is also easy to make and transport.

Pack a cooler with your favorite favorite drinks, juice or wine or champagne.

3. How to Set up a Boho Picnic 

Bring floor cushions, poufs or pillows for everyone to sit on. Add bohemian elements like a macrame table runner or rug. A simple touch, like pampas grass in a vase, elevates the atmosphere.

Bohemian Picnic Decor 

Bohemian Picnic Table 

Throw Pillows 




Baskets and Accessories 

Boho Blankets 

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