Gift Guide for Creatives: Top Gifts for Content Creators (2020)

If you want to create unique content in the new year, it helps to have the right tools to help your ideas come to life. Wondering what to get your creative friend, blogger, podcaster, or vlogger buddy this holiday season? This gift guide features gifts for content creators they’ll be sure to put to good use to take their blog, or social media to the next level.  

I teamed up with Ted’s Cameras to share these must-have gift ideas for YouTubers, bloggers, and vloggers this holiday season. 

Unique Gift Ideas for Content Creators 

Gift Guide for Creatives

1) A Vlogging Kit

If you know someone with a passion for vlogging, help them elevate their brand with a vlogging kit that features everything they need to help their content go viral. 

Whether they’re new to vlogging or live-streaming seasoned pros, they’ll appreciate a gift that helps them produce high-quality videos.

Say goodbye to shaky video with a mini tripod that will keep shots smooth and steady. The Boya BY-VG350 Vlogging kit includes a microphone with a windscreen for clear audio and an LED light to help content creators shine. 

Why they’ll love it: This kit is compact and fits in a backpack so that you can bring it on your next adventure. 

Lightweight and compact, the Moza Smartphone Vlogging kit for vloggers is a great gift for any content creators who want to step up their game. It includes a microphone, 1000 LUX LED light, and a mini tripod or extending hand grip. 


2) A Tripod

No photographer? No problem. Every content creator knows they need a quality tripod to help frame their shots. From mini tripods for your phone to tripods for your DSLR, this is a gift idea any creative will love. 

Joby Griptight Mobile with BT Remote features a versatile and flexible design that works with any Smartphone to capture images and videos that stand out. It also doubles as a telepod-style selfie stick for those POV shots.

When you need something sturdy and flexible to make those outside of the box ideas come to life, the Gorillapod 3K Kit tripod helps you get the job done. You can wrap it around poles or just about anything to capture creative shots. 

Why they’ll love it: It works with compact digital cameras, DSLR, and mirrorless kits. 

Manfrotto MK II Element travel tripod is a portable and lightweight tripod to help you capture the ultimate travel photos.  

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3) A Ring Light

Your blogger friend likely already knows that they need great lighting to produce quality content. A ring light is ideal for those close-up shots and unboxing videos. When shopping for equipment to buy for creatives, invest in quality pieces that are great for travel and everyday use. 

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4) Smartphone Lenses

The best camera is the one you have on you. If your blogger buddy or content creator friend is using their smartphone, a lens kit is the perfect stocking stuffer to help them capture better content.  

For under $20, the Black Eye 3-in-1 smartphone lens is a gift for photographers that won’t break the bank. Just clip the lens onto the front or rear camera, and voila – your photos just got an instant upgrade. This travel-kit includes a 180-degree fisheye option, a landscape-friendly wide-angle lens, and a 20x Macro for detailed close-ups.

Got a little more to spend? For those dreaming of Hollywood-style shooting but still using their smartphone, the Apexel 10 in 1 smartphone lens kit is a versatile option.  

Why they’ll love it: Unique lenses, including a star filter lens.  

5) A Microphone

Vloggers and podcasters need great audio, and a low budget microphone just won’t cut it. The Mirfak MC1 Lavalier Microphone works with smartphones and cameras. It’s compact and lightweight, so you can bring it with you wherever you go. 

6) The DJI Osmo Pocket 2

Take your travel videos to the next level with a DJI Osmo Pocket 2. The gimbal creates cinematic-style movements to help you capture the best shots for your content. It also features four built-in directional microphones with noise reduction for recording crystal clear audio. 

This pocket-sized camera will be the perfect addition to any content creator’s kit. 

Gifts for Content Creators: Ideas They’ll Love

If you’re not sure what to get your mate, ask what tech tools they’re already using and what’s on their wish list this holiday season. We hope this list makes finding the perfect gifts for content creators in your life a bit easier.

What’s your favorite gift idea for content creators? 

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