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Believed to be Banksy

Update- Got an email from the PR company – The mural is Not by Banksy.



– outside “Bull Taco” Restaurant in Oceanside

This mural was first spotted early Friday morning and there’s been a lot of talk on whether the artist is Banksy.  The restaurant owner told me he never heard about the guerilla artist until the graffiti appeared on the side of his business.  Justin Lewis said, “it’s a rat and rats and restaurants don’t go together.”  At first, he wanted to paint over it, but he scratched those plans after he heard all the buzz.  Dozens of people crowded the parking lot while I was there, to take a picture of the believed to be Banksy piece. I found similarities on Banksy’s website, like the rat with the star-shaped sunglasses, and the immigrant crossing traffic sign but this mural wasn’t on the site.  Some people said it’s a bit too sloppy… I don’t know, what do you think?

thanks to James Freeman for taking my picture.

-pictures taken with my iPhone

The restaurant owner told me he found this spray painted gold computer outside.   He’s not sure what it means.  Anybody recognize the artist?

It didn’t take long for merch to pop up. I found this at the gas station across the street, but forgot to ask how much.

thanks to Kimberly Powers for taking this picture 🙂


  1. James Freeman James Freeman

    Check this out….

    • that’s interesting. Any idea who it might have been?
      Did you watch “Exit through the Gift shop”? It’s a must see.

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