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Be Merciless

Do you ever feel like you just have too much stuff? I’m talking about things you don’t use, and things you don’t need.  I’m in total de-clutter mode and I started with my workspace today.  I had stacks of old scripts that went straight to the shredder, and stuff on my desk that was just getting in the way.  But now that its all gone, I feel like I can start my day with a clean slate.  

Image via the closet entrepreneur

Earlier this week, I was merciless with some items in my closet.  I was kind of suprised how many times I thought to myself… “what were you thinking?”  ha! 🙂 I finally admitted it was time to let go, after washing what seemed like six loads of laundry.

I plan on going through every cabinet, every drawer and every space… but that’s going to take a while. In the meantime, just remember it’s just “stuff” and if you give it away it will probably make someone’s day. I know at one point, that “stuff” definately made mine.

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  1. Nicole Nicole

    I love charts! haha

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