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Greetings from Oahu! I’m sitting outside my hotel listening to live music, you can’t go wrong with Johnny Cash.
This is the first picture I took as soon as I stepped foot on the beach. You can tell by my smile, that life is good. šŸ™‚
Diamond Head is in the background… it’s one of the most famous landmarks in Hawaii, and tomorrow I’m hiking it.
It’s a 760 foot dormantĀ volcano!

Here’s a little history courtesy of the Oahu Visitors Bureau….

“Ancient Hawaiians called it Leā€˜ahi (brow of the tuna) but it became known as Diamond Head after 19th century British sailors thought they discovered diamonds on its slopes. In the early 1900’s, it was used as a military lookout as you will discover as you pass through its underground tunnels and military bunkers.”


Locals jump off this pier in Waikiki. Eventually I jumped off the far end.

These teens were trying to raise money for their volleyball team. #Kaimuki


  1. Aloha, my name is David Barry, I am a documentary director, and I am working on a film that needs a shot of local kids jumping off of the waikiki pier… which your blog has a picture of! May I use the photo in the documentary? Please let me know.

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