A Week in Salvador, Brazil

The first time I visited Brazil, I spent time in Rio de Janeiro, partied in Buzios, basked on the beaches of Ihla Grande and Florianopolis and spent my 30th birthday exploring waterfalls at Foz de Iguacu. At the time, I wanted to visit Salvador, located in the Northeast of Brazil, but I didn’t have enough time to do it all. This time around, I booked a flight from Montevideo, Uruguay and headed straight to Salvador.

My first week in Salvador, Brazil

Salvador is Brazil’s first capital, and even in winter, the weather is enviable. In the last week, I’ve taken an Afro Brazilian dance class, listened to classical music at the Teatro Castro Alves and made new friends in Pelourinho. People here are extremely friendly, and even though I don’t speak Portuguese, I’ve managed to get by with my limited Portuguese vocabulary, a mix of Spanish and using my hands to try to explain something.

The beaches

The beaches here are picturesque, and the sunsets are next level, so much so, that people clap when they are over. If you get the chance, walk from Rio Vermelho to Praia do Porto da Barra. The scenic walk takes about an hour, but there are so many beautiful beaches, you’ll want to stop at each one. I really liked the view of Gamboa and visited a small museum near there. If you are willing to venture out a little further, visit Madre de Deus, a small archipelago located an hour from Salvador. It’s the smallest municipality in all Northeastern Brazil, with a great view of the city of Salvador.

Here are some of my favorite photos from my first week in Salvador, Brazil:

A week in Salvador, Brazil
Farol da Barra

A week in Salvador, Brazil

A week in Salvador, Brazil
Praia Ondina
A week in Salvador, Brazil

New friends

A week in Salvador, Brazil
Sunsets in Brazil

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