5 Great Hikes on Oahu

Hiking on Oahu, Hawaii is incredible! The views never disappoint, and it’s a great way to explore the island.  Wherever you go, there is a mountain nearby to climb so there are plenty of options to choose from.

Explore: 5 Great Hikes on Oahu

1. Olomana


Located near Kailua, this hike can be challenging but you’re guaranteed beautiful ocean and mountain views.  On the way up to the first peak, you’ll walk though different terrains (mud, red dirt, a forest) and there are sections where you won’t want to look down at all.  An adrenaline rush for sure.

2. Pali Puka

Just off the Pali Highway this short but steep hike has gorgeous views of Oahu.  If you aren’t a fan of narrow ridges and steep cliffs then this hike is not for you.  There are several ropes along the trail that you can hold onto.  It can also get pretty muddy here when it rains.  If you can’t find the puka, (hole) just remember to look down.

3. Pali Notches

Pali Notches

This trail has 360 degree views of Oahu.  The adrenaline kicks in when you are hanging on the side of the mountain as you scale both notches.  This is a super fun hike that can be challenging.  It can also be very windy up here and there isn’t much shade.

4. Ehukai Pillbox Trail

Perfect views of the North Shore and probably one of the hikes I’ve done the most.  The entrance is located at the Sunset Beach Elementary School parking lot. There are 2 pillboxes with equally stellar views and this is a great place to unwind and watch the waves.

5. Kaena Point

Kaena Point

I spent a lot of time discovering new tide pools at Kaena Point – where the North Shore meets the West side.  There is a beautiful bird sanctuary here too.  There isn’t much shade on this trail, bring a hat and comfortable shoes because you’ll be walking a lot.  I’ve also seen a lot of whales breach during whale season and Hawaiian monk seals resting on the shoreline.

(Know your limits!  Never hike alone and if it’s your first time on a trail, find someone who can guide you.  Bring lots of water, and this is obvious, but don’t hike in the rain.)

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