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300 days of Sunshine

Eyes on the sky. The skies are really bluer because there is less water vapor in the air a mile above sea level.

It’s the Mile High City, and now you know why…

Do you see what I mean?  Artist Lawrence Argent is behind the 40 foot 10,000-pound blue bear.  When I saw it, the first thing i wanted to do was hug it 🙂
“I see what you mean” has been there since 2005.
Argent was inspired by the people who live here and walk down 14th and Speer.  He thought about people’s curiousity to know what was happening inside.
And it really does look like the Big Blue bear is a curious fellow.  Do you blame him?

Click here to see more of Argent’s work.

The weather was in the 90’s for most of my trip and I enjoyed all the culture and color in the city.   The 16th Street Mall is filled with shops, street performers and plenty of interesting characters.  

Checkmate!  Art isn’t just in the museums, check out this chess piece.  Couldn’t help but take a picture with the queen. 

I was in Denver attending the NAHJ Convention.  Here’s Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis. You can follow her on Twitter.

Only a few days to visit, but hardly enough to see everything.  I did manage to catch a quick glimpse of this breathtaking view on my way home.  For more info on Denver click here!

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