This is place with the longest “left” wave in the world, “Chicama”  in Puerto Malabrigo. 

You won’t find this place in the guidebooks, it wasn’t in my Lonely Planet… but it’s known worldwide.  
The town is small, and surfing is everything.  It’s a nice break from the busy tourist spots we’ve seen. 
 I’ve also never seen so many jellyfish in the sand. Chris got stung by one in the face, but I guess to him it was no big deal.   Chicama is one of the places he’s wanted to see the most on this trip. 
To get here, we took another overnight bus … This one was a double-decker, and I actually got a decent nights sleep. 

Our trip is almost at the one month mark.  We are still in Northern Peru, and haven’t even made a dent in our trek! 


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