A friend of mine invited me to an “HD Video and DSLR Meet-Up.”  What’s that right?  Yeah I was asking myself the same question since I didn’t really know what to expect.  It was a bit intimidating when I walked into a room full of dudes, but everyone was pretty cool.  Right now, I use a Panasonic P2 to shoot all my stories, you can see me in action here and  here.  This camera caught my eye, mainly because of the size and weight- it’s about 3lbs and seems easy to travel with.


JVC- GYHM100U -$3,500 and ready to edit in Final Cut Pro.  What do you think? Worth it?


I don’t think I’m ready for this device… it was a bit heavy for me.  I’ll just stick to a tripod for now.

@RobertCBuchanan is the man behind the camera and HDProFilms.   Thanks for the invite!



  1. Hi Alex,
    It was nice to meet you, and this is great coverage of the event! You can also get a nice price quote on that camera from the local San Diego dealer who was at the event too. Here is their contact info:

    AVDB Group CA Inc.
    Scripps Ranch Commerce Park
    9965 Businesspark Avenue,
    Suite B
    San Diego, CA 92131
    Tel 858-549-1094
    ask for Scott or Eric

    – Alicia


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