San Diego

Let’s make it a good week


I’ve been doing a lot more yoga lately, which not only makes me feel healthy, it also helps me clear my head.  What I love most about the class is that every time I go, the teacher tells us to “find your intention.”  For that one hour, I feel like I can truly focus on myself.  It’s the only time where I don’t have to worry about crossing something off my to-do list, cleaning my apartment or thinking about emails and phone calls I need to return.  So I’m setting my intention– no matter what happens, I plan to make it a good week!

What’s your intention? Not sure where to start? This might help.


2 thoughts on “Let’s make it a good week”

    1. My inspiration board is on my refrigerator- every time I get inspired by a photo, quote, or pretty much anything I post it. It keeps me focused because I see it every day! Sometimes I even ask my friends to add soomething too.


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