Come fly with me

I was bitten by the travel
bug a long time ago, but lately it’s pretty much the only thing on my mind. I’m thinking my next trip will be an international
adventure… I am so overdue for a vacation, and a little time to unwind is never a bad thing. I’ve already got my passport,
it’s just a matter of deciding where I’m going to go…
Flickr photo:
I recently asked some of my friends- “Where would you go if time and money weren’t an issue?”. Wow! Isn’t it fun to just think about. The possibilities are so entertaining. Sometimes you just have to get up and go.
Doesn’t this hammock look oh so comfy! I can just picture myself lounging there! Since I’ve got some time to plan, I’ll be clicking here to do a
little virtual exploring. Some
of the travel gadgets here are a bit silly, but I spotted some I could see myself using. Like the bottle cap tripod, the neck
pillow, and the packable martini glass.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Teresa says:

    Well… There are so many amazing places to see in the world!
    I recommend Europe, Paris will always be my favorite!


    1. Travel Alex says:

      paris! oooh la la!


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