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What to do before you go!

So you want to travel around the world?… well there’s a lot of planning to do.  I’m having so much fun looking up different websites and discovering new blogs about just that. I get super excited every time I see something new that catches my eye, and I also feel a little silly that I never knew about some of these before.
Here are a few sites I’ve been perusing.

1) The Independent Traveler – Have Tips, Will Travel

I always hesitate a little before I subscribe to a blog, because I don’t want my inbox to be overloaded with stuff I’m not that really interested in. But this is one I don’t regret.
You can read about tipping etiquette, and freebies you won’t find in guidebooks.  In the latest post you can read about Spring Festivals all over the U.S, which includes the Strawberry Festival in my hometown, Oxnard.

2) TripFilms

How cool is this… upload your travel videos and get paid for it.  Okay, so I haven’t personally uploaded any videos yet, and I’m still reading all the fine print, but I love it already.   Did I mention you can earn rewards if your videos are viewed several times?  The top contributors get to travel on the company’s dime too.  Sounds good to me! Here is a list of open positions for filmmakers.  

3)  Transitions Abroad 

Want to work, study or volunteer in a different country? Then you should definitely see this site! This a great resource for finding work opportunities while you travel or learn more about Volunteer Vacations.  If you’re in Spain, spend a week in an all expense paid village, where all you have to do is Talk.  Yes I said Talk.   I haven’t done it myself, but you can read about someone who did here. 

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