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July 11, 2012

What I’ve learned after one month of traveling


My backpack is too heavy!
I started this trip with a 36 pound backpack and a messenger bag.  Chris brought his travel backpack, a backpack and two surfboards.  We recently swapped bags to even out the load.  Now I’m using his backpack, and he is carrying 2 bags instead of 3. Way easier for the both of us, and our backs! 
We’ve been at the beach most of the time, so bringing 30 undies and socks was a little excessive… and the weight adds up.  I didn’t bring enough cold medicine and the stuff at the pharmacies here, doesn’t pack the same punch! 
Save Cash Cooking
This seems obvious, but we were eating every meal out until we met a German couple in Ecuador. They only stay in places with access to a kitchen, and they shop at the local market for fish and veggies.  Now we have more money to splurge on other stuff, like massages 😉
Don’t leave your food out
One morning we had planned to eat eggs for breakfast, but when we got to the kitchen someone had already scrambled our plans.  The eggs were in a small clear plastic bag on the side door of the fridge…but now I leave food in a black bag, and tie it with a knot. 
Buy bus tickets at the terminal, agencies will charge you more
At first, I would buy bus tickets for the first bus I saw, without consulting with Chris.  This only happened a couple times, but as you can imagine it did not go over well with him.  I would panic when the ‘cobradores’ (people who collect money) would yell and tell me to get on their bus.  Now we both talk about what we want to do, before buying any tickets. 
Chris gets charged more for everything!
When he goes to the store alone, he gets another price… The gringo price!
It happens to me too, but we try to ask locals how much stuff costs beforehand, so we don’t get ripped off. 
In spanish, that means relax!  There will always be another bus to take and another hotel room.  No need to rush… Just chill.

We have been to two countries, seen family members I haven’t seen in years, and met some great friends so far!  We’ve spent time in the mountains, visited several cities, and seen many epic sunsets, beaches and ruins.

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2 thoughts on “What I’ve learned after one month of traveling

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    How fabulous! I can't get enough of your stories!
    Love you, keep writing!

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    Awesome! Great tips for future travelers! I often heard people tell me “Tranquila!! No pasa nada” when I traveled. haha, guess it's nice to remember that you are on vacation, after all!

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