April 5, 2014


Traveling by motorbike/scooter.

We rented a motorbike in Kuta and drove to Ubud. It should of taken us an hour and a half but instead we got there in about two hours, because we kept getting lost. Since we didn’t have Gps or any maps, all you have to do is ask your neighbor on the bike next to you to see if you are going the right way. 

Indonesia Holiday  

When we left Kuta, it was sunny and about 90 degrees, and when we got to Ubud, the clouds started to roll in. We stopped to get food, but everything was either closed or closing because of Nyepi. 

Don’t know what Nyepi is? Neither did we.

It happens once a year, and on the eve of Nyepi just about everything shuts down early. There are processions called ogoh-ogoh with scary looking statues of demons. The statues are so big and detailed that people pull over every few feet to take pictures. On Nyepi, “The day of Silence”  no one is allowed to go outside, or leave their homes or hotels, and the lights need to be turned off. 
From what I’m told it’s believed that if you leave your light on, then demons will come, and the statues are supposed to scare them away.
(Offerings found all over the streets)
 All of a sudden the sunny sky turned gray, and it started pouring.  We had to stop for about 30-45 minutes in a shop because the streets we were riding on suddenly turned into a river. I haven’t seen it rain so hard In a long time, and we decided to wait since we didn’t know where we were going.
We both had ponchos, but of course, they were tucked away in our backpacks back at the hotel. I bought one, but it stopped raining a little while later.
Ubud is beautiful and green, and everyone is so kind. We tried to make it to the monkey forest sanctuary but ran out of time. Instead, we got lost on the way back to Kuta and drove in circles a couple of times.


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