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A friend of mine invited me to an “HD Video and DSLR Meet-Up.”  What’s that right?  Yeah I was asking myself the same question since I didn’t really know what to expect.  It was a bit intimidating when I walked into a room full of dudes, but everyone was pretty cool.  Right now, I use a Panasonic P2 to shoot all my stories, you can see me in action here and  here.  This camera caught my eye, mainly because of the size and weight- it’s about 3lbs and seems easy to travel with.


JVC- GYHM100U -$3,500 and ready to edit in Final Cut Pro.  What do you think? Worth it?


I don’t think I’m ready for this device… it was a bit heavy for me.  I’ll just stick to a tripod for now.

@RobertCBuchanan is the man behind the camera and HDProFilms.   Thanks for the invite!



  1. You can actually pick up the JVC- GYHM100U for much cheaper than $3500…Actually you can get it for $2795 on Amazon… Check it out!

  2. Hi Alex,
    It was nice to meet you, and this is great coverage of the event! You can also get a nice price quote on that camera from the local San Diego dealer who was at the event too. Here is their contact info:

    AVDB Group CA Inc.
    Scripps Ranch Commerce Park
    9965 Businesspark Avenue,
    Suite B
    San Diego, CA 92131
    Tel 858-549-1094
    ask for Scott or Eric

    – Alicia

    • Alicia,
      Thank you so much for the info! I know my friend Audra will also be interested in hearing about it!

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