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March 1, 2011

Recipes For Life

You can’t imagine my excitement when I got a phone call a few weeks ago from Becky Krinsky and Iliana Berezovsky, the founders of “Recetas para la Vida” to tell me that I would be getting an award for being an influential Latina in my community.  Hello! I was stoked! They invited me to speak at their conference and share my personal “secrets to success.”  The goal of the conference was to inspire people and help them achieve their goals.  Let me tell you… these ladies know what they are talking about, I walked out of their feeling like a whole new woman.  You can check out their site here, and you can find the Spanish version here.

thank you Becky and Iliana and congratulations on all your success!


I was so excited to see my friend Adela Garcia was also nominated. She is an amazing woman, and “Latina Success” is a success because of her! I blogged about that conference here.

Here it is…if you don’t know Spanish it says something like this:

“The Secrets to Success, being succesful is a way of life.  Your work inspires the community. “Recipes for Life” recognizes that anything is possible when you do it with enthusiasm, love and dedication. ”

My dad is in town visiting, he wasn’t able to attend the conference but we celebrated afterwards. Hi Dad!

Here are the dates for the next conferences:

  • April 11: Reinvent yourself
  • June 13: Dealing with life’s tests and unexpected issues
  • Sept. 12: Successful children
  • Nov. 14: TBD (upon request)

(619) 666-6551.

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3 thoughts on “Recipes For Life

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    Amazing..I think you could be an amazing motivator someday. Hi.. what about writing a book about your succes. I belive you’ll be able to be a Dale Carnaghie in woman version!! 🙂

      Author’s gravatar

      thanks! It’s so funny that you say that because I still have an old tattered copy of “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” I read it many, many years ago… and it’s still one of my favorites! What a compliment!

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        You know alex.. Dale Carnaghie’s books have influenced my life.I think my life for some pieces have totaly I’m a person with a big smile.not like many2 years ago…I was a very very shy boy. 😀 I wish a great success 4U. I’m the next years,when I entered a bookshop,I’ll find a motivation and self development book and Alex as a writer. 😀

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