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April 19, 2011

Santa Barbara

I grew up in Ventura County, so Santa Barbara has always been a hop, skip and a jump away. My sister has been living there for a few years now, and whenever I visit, it boggles my mind why I don’t go there more often. This was my last trip there.

Just like the perfect host she is, she took me to one of her favorite spots for breakfast/lunch before she had to go to work.

Santa Barbara 032

I love walking on State St, especially on such a beautiful day.

Santa Barbara 033

Santa Barbara 035

a cup of joe

Santa Barbara 037

Panini por favor


Santa Barbara 041

the writing’s on the wall- “you’ll always remember your first crush”

Santa Barbara 044

Santa Barbara 045

Nicole bought me a mini-cupcake to go…Red Velvet.  Heavenly!

-more pictures here





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2 thoughts on “Santa Barbara

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    How wonderful! Makes me want to go there! Enjoy, Alex!!

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      If you need a guide… My sister knows the best spots! My friends have raved about her recommendations!

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