December 21, 2011

Paradise Point

I’ve become all too familiar with airports, traveling and packing. When this month is said and done, I can say I was at SFO every weekend but one.  Last weekend, I had to take an unexpected flight to San Diego.  No biggie– It’s one of my favorite places to be! Since I used to live there, I had a chance to catch up with friends… and of course, no SD trip is complete without a visit to the beach.

Since everything was last-minute, we checked into Paradise Point.  The room was right on the bay and for me, it was perfect.  As I was getting ready for bed, we realized the heater wasn’t working, and we were upgraded to what I believe is one of their nicest suites.  It’s amazing what a $20 tip will get you… After taking us to our room, the security guy came back with a bottle of champagne, red and white wine and snacks for the whole weekend.  Sweet!

bay front bungalow

have a seat and enjoy the view

dinner at George’s in La Jolla– it’s the bf’s favorite place to dine

once you taste it, you’ll know why

bon appetit!

dancing the night away

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a visit! I miss you guys like crazy 🙂

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