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New Year’s Eve, Welcome 2012

hello 2012,
Last year was a good year… I moved to San Francisco, and landed a job in a top 10 market, met my special someone, paid off my student loans, and went on several vacations including Maui, New York, and countless trips back to LA and San Diego!

If you look here, my resolutions were simple—
“Spend it with people who make you smile and don’t be afraid to take any risks.”

And I’m pretty sure I did just that!

I found the shiniest dress in my closet and headed to Soma for the pre-party festivities.

cheese– this is before the downward spiral

Brandy and Julie cooked our last meal of the year! Lamb, Risotto, Asparagus and a salad so good it was the perfect way to end 2011.

happy New Year!

Goodbye 2011- Hello 2012


  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Happy New Year bella!! cheers to another blessed and beautiful new year filled with exciting new adventures and happy memories.

  2. thanks! same to you 🙂

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