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June 1, 2011

New Job, New City, New Adventure

1st time over the bridge

Today was my first day at work, I got up early, took the train, and then hopped on the Bart (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to get into the City.  Since it was pouring outside, I decided to take a cab instead of walking 20 minutes to the station.  Even though it was wet outside, getting there wasn’t the problem.  Getting home was a very different story.

I ended up in Novato and Oakland for two different stories today.  On the ride home, I took the Bart from Oakland, to Balboa Park and transferred over to Millbrae, so I could catch the train.

Lesson #1- If your new in this city, look at the schedule instead of jumping on the first train you see.  It was a colossal mistake, that took me on a 50 minute ride all the way to San Jose.  I had my headphones on, and by the time I realized I had gone too far, it was already too late!

Here’s the cherry on top- the next train back came an hour later… bwahahaha! When all was said and done, it took me nearly four hours to get home. Silly, silly girl.  Let’s not do that again.

In the meantime, here our some pics from my first week in SF.

1st week in SF 037

on Van Ness near my job

1st week in SF 043

Fisherman’s Wharf

1st week in SF 031

the Mission

San Carlos

San Carlos

1st week in SF 042

my first sunset in San Francisco

-photos by me

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    Ah!!! I am so happy you are back! I missed you so much!!!!!
    New city, new life, so many things to learn, especially the schedules of the transportation.

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