August 17, 2012


To get to Lobitos we woke up at 6am to get ready for our 7am bus ride from Chiclayo. It wasn’t easy getting up, but the ride was only 5 hours north. We stayed at Hotel Relajate, which offered 3 meals a day for about $25-$30, including our ocean front room.
Lobitos is great for surf, and we met a lot of cool people from Spain, Brazil and Argentina.
On our last night there, we had a family style meal with about 20 people who were staying in our hostel. Our Argentinian friends put some meat on the grill and everyone ate the feast.

It was pretty awesome because one of the Brazilians brought his guitar, and another lady had a flute so they started playing for everyone. Chris even jumped in to sing a few songs! It was pretty hilarious!

Now we are an hour and a half north, back in Mancora.

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