October 1, 2012

La Paz, Bolivia

I´ve been in La Paz, for the past two weeks, mostly spending time with family and doing very little of anything else.  The last time I was here was nearly six years ago, and a lot has changed since then… so I´ve been busy catching up with my grandparents and other family members.
The weather has been surprisingly hot, but that´s mainly because we are staying in Mallasa, which is a bit far from el Centro, the downtown area of La Paz.
We ate Salteñas a couple times and spent a lot of time in San Miguel, which is in the Zona Sur.  In the two weeks since we arrived, we only went to el centro once, mainly to show Chris around.
I´m sad that our time here is coming to an end.  I am really going to miss everyone, but there are only two months left on our trip…and more countries to visit. Until next time La Paz!
Plaza Murillo


Guards in the Plaza


El Centro
Espresso break
Mom´s family


Dad´s family

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